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The Suit Of Pentacles

The Minor Arcana is a representation of everyday life. The Suit of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana corresponds to the element of Earth. The cardinal direction that they represent North and the season is Winter. It is thought that the Pentacles referred to merchants. The Suit of Pentacles is also known as the Suit of Coins or Discs. The Pentacles are a feminine, passive, yin element. They correspond to the diamonds, in modern playing cards.

The suit of Pentacles deals with money, skill, finances, our basic sustenance. It also encompasses health, creativity and tenacity. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We incarnate at the physical level since we have yet to learn lessons that can only be mastered through a physical form. The Suit of Pentacles thus ends up being maligned quite often since people tend to think of them in terms of the negatives that they embody such as materialism, avarice and selfishness.

It is noteworthy that one can only find a spiritual path through having lived a physical existence and we see the mountain peaks of Kether (the first sephirah on the Tree Of Life) only on the Ace of Pentacles. The element of Earth is the one in which all other elements solidify. The fire we carry can only be shown once it is created and manifested into something tangible, the same can be said about our thoughts and emotions. Whilst our passions, thoughts and emotions will always be intangible, they do choose a tangible medium to manifest themselves through and that is the combination of the above said with the element of Earth. It is also worth noting, that the magical symbol of the Kabbalah, the Tree Of Life, only appears on the Ten of Pentacles. Gautama Buddha who was known as Siddhartha before his enlightenment was a prince of the Sakya Clan. When he was young, an ascetic told his father that Siddhartha would either be a King and indulge himself or be an ascetic and be very spiritual. The King understandably did not want his successor to be too spiritual and removed all traces of suffering from his castle. Having lived a life of indulgence, Siddhartha still left things behind to find knowledge. It is only through living a physical life that we can rise to move beyond the mundane and find our spiritual light.

We can find our own inner light through our work. The Three of Pentacles and the Eight of Pentacles, show workmen so busy in their craft that the work itself is raised to the level of the divine and begs perfection. The fact that it earns the sustenance by the means of which we survive, then is just a bonus, albeit an essential one.

In the Two of Pentacles, we see a juggler trying to balance the spiritual with the physical. In the Four, we see him working on his boundaries and discipline or in the negative aspect, being chained to his material possessions, in a manner that renders him a slave to them. The Five of Pentacles is about the have’s and have-not’s and in the modern-day about perceived poverty of both tangible and intangible objects and the Six of Pentacles is all about restoring the balance. The Six of Pentacles could be that help has been extended to you or that you become the source for another person. The Seven of Pentacles is about the patience that we need to hone our skills. It is about mindfulness and about being present in the moment. The Eight is about finding divinity and honoring that through the work we do. The Nine then is about the self-worth we have when we work through things. The Ten of Pentacles is about the legacy we create and leave for the World and for our children.

The Pentacle people fall under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. These are the steadfast workhorses of the zodiac that go through the most boring, mundane and un-heroic of tasks with dedication and devotion. They are the builders that create the structures that are lasting. The Page is the student, the Knight the one who lays the groundwork and the Queen can create abundance wherever she goes with whatever she has. The King makes his empire by realizing and making alternatives and adjustments for the follies of the men under his charge. On their negative side, however, the Pentacles deal with laziness, overindulgence, materialism and selfishness. Too many Pentacles in a tarot reading means that the earthly affairs, affairs of finances, skill development, education, sustenance and day-to-day survival are of priority.

Five Of Pentacles 20 April - 29 April

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