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King of Pentacles

Urban soul tarot King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is a wealthy hard-working ruler. His land is fertile and he sits comfortably on a throne adorned by Bulls, which symbolize the Earth sign Taurus. The Bulls symbolize the determination and the steadfastness of the King. Alongside the qualities of virility, strength and passion of the King they also accentuate his wealth. The King of Pentacles has the Midas touch and he has an understanding of human nature, which makes him patient and very slow to anger. He is successful, very ambitious and is fond of a good life. One can see his armor from under his robe. The armor represents that he is hands-on with his kingdom and enjoys the task of making sure everything is functioning as it should. He is a family man and is kind to his employees and he does give people the benefit of the doubt. His robe is made of green foliage, leaves and grapes. The leaves and the grapes represent growth and fertility. The flowers represent gratitude. The King's robes reveal a lot about him. He has gotten to where he is by careful planning, diligent hard work and by helping people along the way. The grapes in their connection with the wine, that is produced from them, stand for fertility and luxury. As with his grape wines grow towards the sun, so too does the King of Pentacles rise up owing to his ambition. The ripe and sweet grapes on his robes stand for rewarded success. The Castle in the background is the domain of this illustrious man. That idea of dominion is further emphasized with the sphere that he holds on to in his hand. His garden represents growth and fertility and abundance. As with any garden this garden too has been kept healthy by de-weeding it regularly. This implies that the King of Pentacles hard work, vision, dedication, steadfastness have been his driving force, alongside his ability to steer clear off or weed out negative thinking. His wealth is a result of all his foresight, planning and intelligence as opposed to luck. He has perfected his own method to achieve and sort things out and they work for him.

Meditations On The King Of Pentacles

Things worthwhile generally don’t just happen. Luck is a fact, but should not be a factor. Good luck is what is left over after intelligence and effort have combined at their best. ~ Branch Rickey

What is wealth to you? Which areas of your life need you to manifest the energy of the King of Pentacles? Where can you be more forgiving to the follies of those under your care? Where could you do with more planning, vision and hardwork to manifest your own Midas Touch?


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