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Two of Pentacles

Urban soul tarot two of Pentacles

Multitasking is definitely alluded to when we see the Two of Pentacles. You've been flexible and have been juggling a whole lot of things. You may have a few balls to keep up in the air, without losing count or dropping them. The appearance of the Two of Pentacles says you've got this! You shall manage to keep things going. Like a master juggler, you are putting on a show. The whole point is to manage everything and present your audience with a show without breaking a sweat! All this multitasking is not in vain. When we live our lives, we do have multiple things thrown at us. The Two Of Pentacles then becomes a learning experience and we learn the lessons of flexibility and being adaptable. Life is all about ebbs and flows. This fact is reinforced by the boats that sail on the waves behind. Their adaptability and their ability to go with the flow assures that they will reach their destination. This is but a journey or phase. The two pentacles are connected by the symbol of the lemniscate which ties in the two pentacles together. Life is after all a series of ups and downs. Your mood could also fluctuate as a result of the stress, like the rising and falling of the waves behind the juggler. The Two of Pentacles is a card that deals with the financial realm. This could be a stressful period when whatever money flows in, is already on its way out to pay bills. You may be working overtime and stretching yourself thin to make ends meet, often juggling roles, funds, priorities on a daily basis. You need to be assured that the funds you need for your enterprise can be pulled out by working another one, and this is very much your forte. You obviously have a lot on your plate when the Two Of Pentacles shows up and it is a reminder to you, to be flexible and adaptable so that you can make the necessary changes to keep all the balls up in the air While juggling multiple things can be difficult, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and life is, after all, learning to strike a balance. The lemniscate affirms that this balance is an ongoing thing that constantly needs to be looked into and tweaked. The two other cards that carry the sign of the lemniscate are The Magician and Strength and therein lies the secret of balance. The Two of Pentacles re-inforces that to find a balance and be productive, one needs to have the mastery of the Magician and the rationality and ability to prioritize that the card of the Strength shows us. The Two of Pentacles may sometimes also remind us if we are juggling too many things that it is essential to balance materialism with spirituality. The Two Of Pentacles can also augur a time when a person is taking on as much as they can so that they can avoid dealing with their emotions. That kind of control in that area of their lives gives them the stability ironically, to avoid dealing with overwhelming emotions. Alternately, this could be life-related in terms of the responsibilities, commitments, and tasks that you are juggling. This is the stage of trying to find a balance between work and living life and The Two of Pentacles affirms You've got this!! In the early twentieth century, the two of pentacles, meant financial troubles, however, in the modern world the Two of Pentacles is a card that maintains that Money makes money. This situation is interim and transitory and stability will soon arrive. The sky is clear and you should be good! So whether it is a career, commitments of finances, or even work-life balance that you are trying to juggle, for now, you will manage it in a manner that an accomplished juggler can.

Meditation on the Two Of Pentacles

The fortune of us that are the moon's men doth ebb and flow like the sea, being governed, as the sea is, by the moon. William Shakespeare What are you juggling? Are you managing multiple chores, or multiple jobs or tasks? Are you donning multiple hats and doing what needs to be done. Are you managing a work-life balance? If not, what can you let go of? Are you finding a balance between your worldly needs and your spirituality?

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