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Nine of Pentacles

Urban soul tarot Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles is a card of achievement on account of discipline and hard work. In the Nine of Pentacles, we see a lady of means, in her fertile and abundant garden. On her hand is perched a hooded Falcon. There is a snail on the ground, and there are grapes and Pentacles on the ground. Seeing this card is surely a sign that says you have arrived!! This calls for a celebration. The Pentacles lie on the ground since the Woman does not need to focus on finances and the nitty-gritty details of mundane living. Her outfit, screams out that she does not need to attend to the manual details of a task. She can allow herself to soar as the falcon and really focus on that which nourishes her soul. The Hooded Falcon reinforces the message that she did not receive an inheritance or have good luck come her way. Whatever she has created, in terms of that lush garden and her wealth, has been because of her restraint and self-control. This is also a card of Self-Worth. She is not worried about her wealth since she knows within her lie the greatest riches- the skill that created that financial independence. What importance do you place on riches in your life? How do you value yourself? Is it based on your qualities and the attributes that you bring to the table? When you see this card it is a sign from the universe that your hard work is paying off. To create affluence and financial independence one needs to be consistent. It can be a slow process, but little by little, one can build an empire! There is also the need to have the discipline to stay back and put in the hours when your friends may be out having a good time. This card applauds you for your efforts, for the time that you have spent slaving away, and assures you that your time is coming. You are about as self-reliant as the snail, that carried on its person, its home and its comfort. This is a time to give gratitude to the universe for after all Magic happens when opportunities meet preparation. So, all your hard work coupled with the nudge from the universe has brought you here. Look deep within yourself to give gratitude and to find the magic, and Stay secure in yourself!! You are radiating Self-Worth and Joy. Shine on!!

Meditation on the Nine of Pentacles

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson What is your source of Self-Worth? How important is creating your own financial independence to you? Are you consistent? If yes, where do find it easier to discipline yourself? If no, Where in your life can you apply more discipline?

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