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Page of Pentacles

Urban soul tarot page of Pentacles

The Page of Pentacles is a passionate student who has a love for learning. There is no other motive other than the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of wisdom itself. The young Page holds up the Pentacle with such reverence, that one can understand that his commitment to his field is one of sincere devotion. In the background of the page, we see the fertile land and, the peaks of the mountains, which reminds us that through the physical pursuit of study the Page will reach spiritual heights. There is a piece of land waiting to be ploughed and that begs the question, What is it that you want to reap? What are you going to devote yourself to and what pursuit, will materialise your heart's desire? The Page is garbed in green, which stands for fertility, brown, the colour of the dirt or practicality and red representing his passion and will power. When the Page of Pentacles shows up, he asks you to look within to find your passion. Which passion of yours will become your Ikgai and give you the joy of learning and working your way up to a Master? There is no competition, no other expectation and no ulterior or utilitarian need, and that is what makes this study a special one. All our sorrows arise from expectations. When we place expectations or begin competing with each other we lose the joy in that very thing that gave us joy. The Page of Pentacles is that stage of study when we are enjoying our subject rather than competing with someone. The Page of Pentacles is very much like his suit. He is steadfast, loyal, hardworking and is seeking a commitment. The Page of Pentacle turns up and tells you to apply all of those qualities to the subject you have an enquiry about. The Page of Pentacles also reminds you to scrutinise every document, have the patience and slowly build your knowledge base. Think about the long term, but take it one step at a time. And if you drew the Page then your inner Page is just there waiting to be accessed to start the journey!!

Meditation on the Page of Pentacles

Love of learning is the most necessary passion ... in it lies our happiness. It's a sure remedy for what ails us, an unending source of pleasure. Emilie du Chatelet What learning adventure are you planning to embark on? How does this contribute to your joy and give you pleasure? How does this contribute to your self-esteem? If you are thinking of something that gave you pleasure but seems stressful now, do you recall why it was pleasurable to start with?

Has the focus shifted to something else?

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