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Wands In the Minor Arcana

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

The Minor Arcana is a slice of life and catalogs what is happening on a mundane level. The Suit of Wands in the Minor Arcana corresponds to the element of Fire. The cardinal direction that they represent South and the season is Summer. It is thought that the wands referred to the Artists and other creative people. The suit of Wands is also known as the Suit of Batons or Clubs. The Wands are a Masculine, active, yang element. They correspond to the clubs, in modern playing cards.

The element of Fire rules our hopes, aspirations and creative pursuits. Fire has aspirations to reach up high and consume everything in its path. That is the kind of drive that the wands present. However, there is also the danger of fire burning itself out. Wands are the elemental fire. They represent our passions and are fiery.

Wands as inner fire represent that which makes us tick and what truly fires us-thereby leading to our passions. The desire of fire is forever to rise and devour everything in its path, the wands to try and cover everything. In the Ace of Wands, we see the enthusiasm is so ripe that the leaves are literally falling off the wand. In the Two of Wands that desire finds root and leads to an option of how to expand. In the three we follow the path of that expansion and in the Four of Wands, the grounding of the Wands commences. In fact, despite there being a structure offered in the Fours, the Fire cannot be contained and so we have the scene outside with the tent only being held together with garlands. In the Five, we see the competitive nature of fire where the desire is to rise higher. In the Six we see victory, as the aspirations have found favor in the direction that they attempted to rise. As we move to the Seven of Wands, we see that passion attracts competitors, and one has to fight to hold on to one’s vantage point and views. As we move to the Eights we see the quickness of the wands as they fly through the air. By the Nines, the fire is almost out, and there is a constant watch to see if anything else is up and by the time the fire reaches Ten is already overburdened.

The Fire Signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are represented by the Suit of Wands. Fire people stand out because of their enthusiasm, zest for life and the carpe-dium mentality. They are charismatic, vibrant and energetic with a passion to travel. They love a challenge and are driven to put in hard work to see their vision materialize. The Wand people are competitive and can spur themselves on, into action to keep ahead of the game. Like the people born under the sign of Sagittarius, they love to and thrive on travel and like the Leo’s they need their share of the spotlight and attention. Like Aries, the court of the Wands needs to be assertive and be the leader of the clan. The King of Wands is the ruler who is the most like The Emperor in Major Arcana. When the Wands are negatively Aspected then the court of the Wands cab be aggressive, domineering, and given into bullying. Temper tantrums are rampant.

When there is an excess of Wands in a reading, it implies that there has been a phase of a lot of action. This could be great for a phase, but it would be impossible to have so much fire since the energy would be self-consuming. On the negative side, there could also be that the work that has been put in is not productive and that interpersonal relations could be strained because of a domineering personality. Conversely, too many reversed cards could also mean that the fire has burnt itself out.

The Suit of Wands at a Glance:

  • Ace 21 March - 20 June

  • Two 21 March - 30 March

  • Three 31 March - 10 April

  • Four 10 April - 19 April

  • Five 23 July - 01 August

  • Six 2 August - 11 August

  • Seven 12 August - 22 August

  • Eight 22 August - 01 December

  • Nine 02 December - 11 December

  • Ten 12 December - 21 December

  • Page 21 March - 20 June

  • Knight 13 November - 11 December

  • Queen 13 July - 11 August

  • King 11 March - 9 April

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