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Ten Of Pentacles

Urban soul tarot ten of Pentacles

In the Ten Of Pentacles, we see a family casually going about the tasks of the day. An old man sits outside the archway looking in, while a child tugs on his mother's dress. The wife casually passes by her husband. the image is complete with the family dogs. On the card, the ten pentacles are arranged in the manner that the spheres are placed on the Jewish Tree of Life. The home is affluent prosperous and happy. While the Pentacles deal with financial security and stability, they also encompass the spirit and skill. The Ten of Pentacles is the only card in the deck which carries the Tree of Life on it, there is no card even in the Major Arcana that does so. The Ten of Pentacles is above all a card of legacy, both tangible and intangible. It is about what we inherit from our ancestors and what we pass on to our children. In all the suits the ten's, are where the element is the strongest and in the Ten of pentacles, we see opulence, wealth and tradition being passed on. Rachel Pollack had likened the old man to Odysseus returning home after his many adventures and being greeted by the dog. Here too, the dogs look happy to greet their master. On the arch next to the man is a coat of arms displaying a castle, bringing to our mind the fact that a man's home is his castle and place of comfort. The Mans Robes also hint at his wealth and affluence. While this card is about the legacy of what we receive, it is also about the grounded hard work that the Pentacles are known for. In the background on the left-hand side, we see the pillars of the Moon and the water that flows therein. The old man has lived a life rich in experience and has seen ups and downs and yet has maintained and built upon his inheritance so that he may have something to pass on to his children. This too then is a card of gratitude, where we should thank our ancestors for what we inherited from them, be it material or intangible like the secret family recipe that one guards, or a special knack for numbers. When we reach out with gratitude the universe channels and pours out more goodness for us to receive. When the Ten of Pentacles appears, it hints at tradition and legacy, at the foundations of our being. Our heirlooms, those we inherit and those we pass on, are our values, our empathy, our connectedness and our family values. It is a card of success and seeing it calls to mind what success means to us, and how it defines us. Are we more connected and do we form a circle of continuation as we see what we pass on to our next generation?

Meditations on the Ten Of Pentacles

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” —Benjamin Franklin What is the most cherished legacy that you have inherited? What is the legacy that you want to be remembered for? Are you on the path to creating a financially and morally sound foundation that will not be weathered by time? What are the values that you want to pass down to your heirs? Do we value what we have inherited from our ancestors or do we take it all for granted, with a sense of entitlement? What kind of connectedness do you have within our family? Are you a part of a tightly-knit family unit? If so, how can you uphold that torch? Alternatively, if you did not have a close-knit family, then how do you create a space where your children are tightly knit!! Do think about what is the source of your security, and how lasting is that source.

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