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Four of Pentacles

Urban soul tarot four of Pentacles

The Four Of Pentacles is a card about division and separation from others. The Man on the Four of Pentacles is away from the rest of humanity and is sitting all by himself, clutching his pentacles in a manner that blocks all his major chakras or energy centers. The Four of Pentacles is a card that personifies the energy of the most famous literary miser- Ebenezer Scrooge, pinchfist protagonist of A Christmas Carol (1843) by Charles Dickens. This is the card of the hoarder. The person in question could be hoarding away tangible goods, or money, and these objects are the sole purpose of his existence. The need to hoard is so strong that he has blocked out his heart and crown chakra and also sealed off the palms and soles of his feet, which are areas of energy flow. When we hoard, we cut ourselves from the divine flow of energy. All life is about give and take, and when you remove yourself from the equation by stockpiling, you begin to identify your sense of self with the objects you store. We all need wealth and security to provide stability, the key is to remember that they are just that-a means, and nothing more. Our sense of self and accomplishment needs to be prioritized by what matters most. The man on this card has been saving up for a rainy day, and that makes one beg the question as to- how much is enough? Despite all that he has put away for himself, he cannot cover or watch his back. We need our village to watch our backs!! The man on The Four of Pentacles has invested in inanimate objects and there is no one to watch his back. The Four of Pentacles does not just talk about hoarding money, this is also the card that talks about hoarding one's skill, or time. This is the mine, mine and me first energy which ensures that the man places himself away from everyone, and here we see him sitting far away from the city which symbolises the rest of humanity. There is a tendency to want to hold on to people and also be over possessive. So when the Four of Pentacles turns up, it is a sign that you need to see where you are investing yourself. There are times when the energy of the Four of Pentacles is welcome. The shopaholic may need to exercise restraint and hold on to his money and that may call for the Four Of Pentacles!! There are times we do need boundaries, and we need to learn to say no and preserve ourselves, and the Four of Pentacles is all about boundaries, as all major chakras are sealed. The Four Of Pentacles, therefore, encapsulates modern living. The energy is sometimes essential but always is needed in moderation. The Four Of Pentacles also is a warning that he may have set himself, away from the rest of the world. It can often signify being inflexible.

Meditation On The Four Of Pentacles

The only real security that a man can have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience and ability. Henry Ford Where are you finding your sense of security? Who watches your back? Whose back do you have? What are our priorities? If we are hoarding, be it money or other tangibles, how much is enough? When do we say stop? Do you need to hold back your spending? Are you shopping all the time? We cannot fill our souls with objects. Excessive hoarding or acquisition is a way to fill the hole in the soul. The needs of the soul generally are connection and love. Do you need to learn how to say no? If so the energy of the Four of Swords is right for you, today.

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