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Knight of Pentacles

URBAN SOUL TAROT Knight Of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is resilient, hard-working and very painstakingly covers all his bases when he is assigned a task. Of all the Knights in the Tarot, the Knight of Pentacles is perhaps the most dedicated. He is not as vibrant as his peers, but he is definitely your man when you are beginning a venture or need some groundwork to be done. The Knight of Pentacles has the heroism, to sift through the most tediously monotonous assignments or enterprises, to make sure that he can lay down foundations on which one can build for generations to come. The Knight is a master builder and he will take his time, for every project of his, is his magnum opus, and he must nourish it with all his attention. The Knight of Pentacles walks barefoot on the grass as he affirms his connection to the earth, to the process of bringing into the physical realm all that he thought possible. His horse is his trusty companion and trots alongside him, in no hurry to run on the amazing green. The horse is aware that his master loves him and cherishes his hard work. When the Knight appears in your reading, he asks you to see how much dedication you carry within you? Do you treat the people who support you with respect? Consistency is the gift of this young person, and diligence is the key! He works on his days off, and his hallmark is patience and dedication. The Knight of Pentacles takes a very long view of things. The Colourful Mandalas that fall behind him, is his effect on any project that he undertakes. They represent the fertility that he brings to a situation or event or task by being a part of it.

The Knight of Pentacles shows up to ask you, to work with patience on whatever you are doing. Life is a journey and the process is as essential as the destination. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. In the long run, the Knight will claim his throne as the King of Pentacles, for now, just smell the roses and keep your head to the wheel in an amazing manner of multitasking!!

Meditation on the Knight of Pentacles

Leisure is time for doing something useful; this leisure the diligent man will obtain, but the lazy man never. - Benjamin Franklin, The Way to Wealth (1758).

How do you view leisure? What foundations are you laying down at this time? Where do you feel, you need to push yourself to move over the details and create?


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