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Tarot Spell to Attract Financial Abundance

Casting A Tarot Spell Tarot Cards, are a conduit that can help us tap into the universal energy. Since they are Visual they make it a lot easier for people to tune into what they imagine their future as. Tarot can be used successfully to cast spells. Yes!! I've been manifesting with the Tarot for more than 20 years, and yes it can be anything: a dream job, a set outcome, banishing the negative, protection spells, creating abundance, or even guaranteeing admissions!! The Spells do need to follow the rule that you harm none and that you do not bend anyone's will as it is not possible to do so.


12 Green Candles

10 of Pentacles


10 of Cups

King of Pentacles

It is optional, that you could brew yourself some tea, so you can sip away after casting the spell and visualize abundance. If you like, add crystals to your spread. You may add the statue of the god or goddess who will be the one to preside over and bless your spell. You may also call upon your guardian spirit for the same. If it gives you joy, you can anoint the candle with essential oils of your choosing. If you do practice Reiki, you can also add symbols to your candle for added support.

Deity: Do set out your intent to a god or goddess of your choosing. For Abundance and Wealth Spells you could invoke a deity of abundance, for intuition it could be Isis or one of the goddesses that deal with the psyche. Here in this Financial Abundance Tarot Spell, I have invoked Ganesha since he is invoked along with the Hindu goddess Laxmi for abundance.

Requirements: There needs to be an Abundance Mindset. An Abundance mindset places trust in the universe and know with certainty that just as the sun will rise tomorrow, the universe has more than enough for everyone. You are a magnet that will achieve all you set out to and you will draw what you need.

Set out your altar, or print out the above picture, if you do not own Tarot Cards. If you do own your own pack, do pull out the deck that you most resonate with. I use a special deck just for myself for Spellcasting. You could begin with a Prayer, or meditative music, or mantra meditation. Do what feels right by you.


When the Moon is waxing, do the following 3 days in a row.

Place the Magician Card on the Altar. Focus on the Intent of scaling your business or increasing your wealth from your job, real estate or investments. Focus on the abundance and an overflow of resources.

Place the King of Pentacles and visualize yourself with the Midas touch, turning even the most base of metals into gold.

Place the Ten of Cups and Visualise genuine happiness and contentment. Money should not come at the cost of contentment and should be on the path to happiness. Visualize having enough to be contented and to be able to have philanthropic reach.

Place the Ten of Pentacles and Thank the Universe for the Money it will bring to you and the legacy that is yours to pass on.

Place Four Green Candles on the four corners of the altar or print out. The Four candles represent a firm foundation on which you can build your wealth. Say the affirmation and let the candles burn out.

Repeat the next day.


"I call upon the Magus to help me focus my mind and heart to send out clear intent.

I am the one who is sorted and has an abundance.

I have the finances to live happily, help others, and have what I perceive to be enough. I have abundance and the flow never ceases.

I have wealth that is mundane and helps me have sustenance. I have wealth that is a legacy and cannot be quantified. I have wealth that is emotional and surpasses all in the world. I have wealth that is spiritual. The wealth I have attracts more and more and the help I can extend increases too."

One Last Thing: Do feel brave to add your own individual touches to your spell. Do that what feels right. Remember to repeat the Spell for three consecutive nights. When you make a commitment to the universe and show up at the same time, daily, the universe decides to commit to you and work for your benefit!! Cast the Spell from the place of Love so the Universe can revert to you in the same manner.

In the picture above, I've added a green crystal for the heart chakra and a red one for the root chakra. You could also recite a Mantra. I prefer the Nam Myoho Renge Kyo for making you karmically capable to receive. Have a Blessed Day! Blessed Be!!

The Cards are from the Dreaming Way Tarot Deck By Rome Choi, Kwon Shina.


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