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Ten of Cups Contentment & Bliss

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Urban soul tarot ten of cups

When the Ten of Cups appears, all your proverbial cups are full and overflowing. Family, Love, Contentment, Home and Happiness are the key themes of this card. There is the realization that what you have is special.

The Ten of Cups is a snapshot of that moment in time when there is the perfect balance between partners and life is blissful. It is a snapshot of serene fulfillment. I mention the word snapshot because Life happens!! In our rushed up daily lives, we can be caught up in the mundane. Chores need to be done, bills to be paid, children need to be loved, parented and schooled, and partners do not always see eye to eye. It is easy to run through things and forget that you and your home are both sparkles of magic in a world that feels "normal" to you.

The Ten of Cups is the "Happily Ever After..." that most fairy tales finish on!! The wisdom in leaving the ending neatly on that note is immense. In life, there is never the Happily Ever After that exists forever. Happily Ever After, takes work, love, commitment and the dedication to show up daily with gratitude and wonder.

Here in this card is that snapshot, when the magic is acknowledged between the partners and their vision is united, and turned towards their children. Love isn't looking at each other, and as one grows in a relationship, it is looking in the same direction.

The rainbow ribbon running through the card is a big giveaway to the happiness that oozes off this card. The first Rainbow was God's promise to Noah that he would not destroy the world again. Rainbows always come after the storm and they definitely hint that a storm has passed. Families that are strong were not given that gift on a platter. Love is something that they daily affirm and work towards. The members of the family show up for each other and the children are cherished and given a happy environment so that they grow into compassionate adults and spread the joy! These children are really living their childhood.

The Ten of Cups thus tells you that you have worked hard for your emotional satisfaction and for now, you fully acknowledge the magic that is in your life. The children are happy if you have a family and this applies to you. You are your partner are in sync and share the same goals and aspirations.

A malady of Urban living and Modern Life is that people do not separate since they are unhappy with each other; rather they do it since their vision grows apart. Your relationship shimmers and glows because of what you've put into it.

For today, give gratitude for your family and your village or the people that support you, and make a commitment to yourself that when Life Happens, you will remember the magic and try and always honor it so that your cups can always stay full.

Meditation On the Ten Of Cups

Your family and your love must be cultivated like a garden. Time, effort, and imagination must be summoned constantly to keep any relationship flourishing and growing. Jim Rohn
  • What is your Elixir of Happiness?

  • Do you let your family and village know how much they mean to you? The Ten of Cups is a culmination of hard work. It is a natural emotional response to all that has been put in.

  • What would you put in to keep that Happiness?

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