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Tarot for Spell Casting

Magic and spells

What is Spell Casting?

Casting a Spell is the use of Magic to set Intentions. There is a belief that Spells are a shortcut to what one wants. Nothing could be further from the truth. Casting a Spell is hard work and it is a labor of love. It is an invitation to the spirit world to take your wishes and help turn them into reality. To Cast a Spell, one needs to be very clear about what the intent of that spell is. In addition, to have a clear intention, a good spell is all about timing. The timing needs to be precise, and while the intention is paramount, the timing if chosen prudently can also add to the power of the spell. When the intent and the timing of the spell are clear, the ingredients need to be listed and sought out.

So a Spell is very much like a dish that is cooked up with love and has three crucial components:

The intent of the spell;


Timing of the Spell- The rule with timing is that spells follow natural cycles and thus the Moon is a great guide. The Moon with its soft gentle reflected light and its 28-day cycle is known as the feminine energy which is extremely powerful for spell casting.

  1. During the New Moon phase, when the Moon is not visible, it is a great time to take stock of our own inner landscape and do shadow work. By Shadow Work, what is meant is really thinking and shining a light on the dark inner psyche, and things that stay hidden. The Shadow once seen cannot be unseen and thus begins the time for healing. So a good starting point for shadow work would be turning your attention to what triggers you. What does Trigger you? What annoys you or spoils your Zen? Remember the answers are all within- That is where the shadows lie. So a statement such as - Ms. A or Mr. B really annoy me, a good trigger identification. The issue is not with Ms. A or Mr. B. It lies within your own soul and it is a good idea to look up why it irritates you.

  2. .The New Moon is also the time for the new!! It is a good time to set about something New and set intentions around this time.

  3. The Waxing Moon marks the time when the Moon grows and becomes brighter. This is a great time to set about spells that focus on abundance, growth, fertility.

  4. The Full Moon is a time of heightened Psychic energy. In fact a lot of people who are sensitive sleep lighter and more disturbed under a Full Moon. The term Lunacy also comes from Luna the Moon. We are composed of 75% water and the Full Moon definitely has an effect on us. The Spell of Drawing down the Moon is a powerful Wiccan Tradition.

  5. The Waning Moon is when the Moon diminishes till it disappears. This is a great time to cast a spell to get rid of things in your life. So this is a great time to rid yourself of your fears and anxieties. It is a good time to do banishment spells and cut your chords with another person.

Are there any rules to cast spells?

Spells usually fall under the domain of Wicca. Wicca is a religion that concentrates on the use of natural forces and materials. it has been maligned by established religion over the centuries and many have died for their faith, but Wicca is very straightforward.

The Wiccan Rede is a document that lists the laws of the Wicca. It is akin to the Ten Commandments or the other holy books of established faiths. The first full version of the Rede has been attributed to Lady Gwen Thompson and appeared in the Green Egg magazine in 1975. Two things that stand out in this rede or document are that the practice should harm no one and that there is a law of three so whatever you set out in the world will return times three, be it good or evil.

Yes!! There are Rules to Spellcasting. It can harm no one.

In the early 2000s when I was a Flight Attendant, a crew member that I chanced to fly with, a really lovely girl was going through a major heartbreak, which had slowly spiraled into depression. I remember crafting a spell to banish depression, for her. On the following flight, I met with my Reiki Master for a scheduled session and was talking about intentions and the use of Tarot for Spell casting and about how effective the process was. My teacher however did not think so. In his mind, I had not adhered to the Wiccan Law of "An it harm none, do what you will". His argument was that The sum total of all energy stays the same in the universe, so if we wished away depression where would it go? Who was responsible for the karmic Lesson it would entail?

The answer to this conundrum was to have a diety that one could invoke and thus entail her help to transmute all the negative into something positive and clear Karma at the same time. I chose to pray to Kuan Yin, and do urge you to have a diety preside over any spell you cast so that your spell is blessed and "it harms none".

What Are Tarot Spells?

Tarot Spells use the cards as a conduit to concentrate energy and set intention into the universe. The ritualistic element attunes the subconscious to send out the intention to the astral plane so that it may be picked up and manifested.

Tarot Spells use Tarot cards arranged in a particular sequence, candles, crystals, essential oils, heartfelt invocations and thus carry your wishes to the sacred energy of the universe.

Spells can be cast for protection, abundance, love, growth, banishment and whatever one may feel.

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