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Four Of Wands Celebration & Foundation

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Urban soul tarot 4 of wands

The Four Of Wands appears in your life to remind you that life has so many little treasures and accomplishments that can be celebrated and so much to be grateful for. The castle in the background represents your home and loved ones, and the manifestation of your goals. As with all the cards that indicate blessings and celebration, this is a good time to reflect upon your journey with gratitude.

It is a good time to connect with your friends and appreciate them for their support of you. Shared joy is after all joy doubled. A party is only memorable when your village and your friends are part of it, so this is a good time to recognize them for their support of your endeavors. All these people, who make your village are a part of your success, and have contributed in their own way to help you reach this milestone. As a festivity marks a short break, this card too gives you a short fun time out before you return to the chores of daily life and the task of building what you started!!

In the Four Of Wands, we see a celebration and community sharing in their happiness. The atmosphere is of joy, revelry and rejoicing in the daylight! Two figures stand facing us with bouquets in their hands hinting that it could be the festivities and merrymaking at a wedding. This card is also often known as the 11:11 card since the wands that uphold the garlands from the festivities form the shape 11:11. It is said that the number 1111 is a reminder of your own divinity and the fact that the universe is working for you. This card marks the beginning of a journey, the laying down of foundations.

The Four Of Wands is the first stage of completion, as a birthday celebrating another year, marriage being solemnized, a new home being purchased or business being set up. It is also the start of a glorious adventure, such as a life together or the birth of a venture!!

The Wands are strategically placed to form a doorway through which you enter a new life! It is also interesting to note that the doorway is created by simply tying a garland to the wands. While the garlands and the flowers suggest following your passion and the fertility that arises from it, the placement of the wands suggests that you are an individual and by joining in with the community are now bigger than yourself, a part of something greater.

Today is the day that you Celebrate Yourself!!

Meditations of the Four Of Wands

Hang on the walls of your mind the memory of your successes. Take counsel of your strength, not your weakness. Think of the good jobs you have done. Think of the times when you rose above your average level of performance and carried out an idea or a dream or a desire for which you had deeply longed. Hang these pictures on the walls of your mind and look at them as you travel the roadway of life. -James Whistler
  • Reflect On Your Journey and give due gratitude to those who helped you get there.

  • What can you bring to fruition today to the best of your ability?

  • What would you like to manifest going further?

Think about what you want, set it out as a prayer to the universe, and get working on it!

If this Resonates with You Take A Class or Book A Reading.

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