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Three Of Wands Virtue & Expansion

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Urban soul tarot three of wands

Three Of Wands. Rider Waite Tarot.

The Three of Wands is a wonderful harbinger for growth and shows a man standing on a hill to have a better view of the world he is expanding into.

​This is the stage at which you are willing to leave behind your comfort zone because you are ready to grow! You have made an important decision and now you want nothing more than to see your project take a life of its own and go into the world! This man is confident of his skill, and passion and stands with his back to us.

He has made that stride to the top of the mountain from whence he can see the world spread out before him. He has decided to leave his limiting beliefs and his fears and look to the future and he is dreaming and planning Big!!

The Ships represent his aspirations and his couriers. By couriers, I do not mean just people, but also internet algorithms and protocols by which he can grow. This year there has been so much Work from Home that the ships on the card take on another dimension.

The sea on which the ships set sail to go into the vast world, is not blue, but painted in tones of orange as though the sun were setting! This is because the color represents the Fire or the passion of the man in sending out his ships.

He is not content to wait it out at the sidelines, instead, he has the carpe diem philosophy and wants to make the most of his current situation. It has taken this man a lot of work to set his ships to sea and then to get to the top of the mountain to watch them.

The Three of Wands advises you to see the bigger picture and realize that you are on the path of development and growth, with exhilaration. Your passion is enough to power your journey and it will be a glorious one. On a personal note, this card offers closure.

Spread your wings, do be diligent and careful and know that every little step or action you've taken is now coming together, and you are ready to step into the world and claim your spot!!

Meditation on the Three of Wands

"One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again." - Abraham Maslow
  • What are you working on and expanding?

  • What have you given closure to?

  • Do you feel fearful?

  • If so, of what? Remember, you are about to embark on a wonderful adventure that will offer you all that you dreamt of. Think Big! and persevere after it!

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