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Ace of Wands A Gift of Passion

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

Urban soul tarot ace of wands

Ace Of Wands. Rider Waite Deck.

The Ace of Wands is a gift of passion or intuition being offered to you.

This card actually screams Carpe-diem!! Seize the day! This is the time to get set go!! ​The Ace of Wands represents the universe or providence reaching out and giving you a thumbs up to go follow your dreams.

In fact, the card shows you that if you are true to yourself and know what it is that you desire, and are willing to work for it, then all that you dream of can be manifested by you.

The castle in the background shows you, your dreams, taking concrete form in the distance. On the way to the castle is a river. The river talks about the ebb and flow of emotions on this journey to your soul's desire and the place that you want to own as your home!!

The Ace Of Wands is the beginning of something new. In all of the stories featuring magic, the magus always has a wand, to direct his will, which helps him create something. This is that wand and the universe are giving you a thumbs up and handing it to you!! It is your time to manifest your desires!!

This wand is budding with life so potent that the leaves are just bursting and falling off the branch. The branch does have a very phallic look to it and therefore also represents sexuality and fertility. ​So, when the Ace of Wands shows up, rise up, trust yourself and be ready for the journey. Every step takes you closer to your destination. You are a magician and that wand you are gifted is yours to wield. Take the first step, the rest of the way will slowly reveal itself.

As with the river on the way to the Castle, which is your destination, we shall get to that bridge when we need to cross it.

At the end of your comfort zone, is life waiting to take you to new heights, see new horizons and live to the fullest. Let's go!!

Meditation on the Ace Of Wands

Adventure isn’t hanging off a rope on the side of a mountain or living among lions. Adventure is an attitude to experience everyday things.
  • What is your intuition telling you?

  • Where is your heart at?

  • What is it that you want to truly create?

  • Where are you heading to?

  • Where is your greatest adventure?

If this Resonates with You Take A Class or Book A Reading.

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