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Queen of Wands the Radiant One

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

The Queen of Wands is passionate, dynamic, independent, creative, radiant and gushing with self-confidence.

The Queen of Wands owns the throne she sits on and the space she graces. She has so many good qualities that if we were to highlight the most important, it would be self-confidence and a sense of self-esteem.

She sits on a throne that has lions carved on the backrest and on the base. The lions draw our mind to Leo - the Fire sign from the Zodiac. She is framed by sunflowers and carries a sunflower in her hand. The Queen sits on her throne with her legs parted, in a manner appropriate to a king.

At her feet sits a cat, that too a black cat! Black Cats have been linked to many superstitions, and at one time had been called the familiar of Witches! For the Queen to own and show off the black cat means that she doesn't really care much about the opinions of others.

She has been through a lot in life and has slowly built up her self-esteem to the point that she does not look for, nor need the validation of anyone else. Her confidence allows her to act as she would without the fear of society, or the expectations thrust upon her. To that effect, she sits as she pleases, in what would have then been considered an immodest manner.

The cat is linked to the Egyptian goddess Bastet, who also did as she pleased. You are being reminded to know your strengths, use them to your benefit and fight for what you believe in. The message here is very clear. When you live life to the fullest and trust in yourself, the universe wants to protect that spark of joy and originality and will find a way to offer its protection to you.

You need to be your own authentic self for there is nothing more fulfilling or attractive than that genuineness. The lions on her throne, emphasize the daring determined endurance of her spirit to be herself no matter what!! The cat also reminds you to start something new, just as the Queen is going against the grain to pose with a black cat!!

The Sunflower in her hand, and the ones carved on the backrest, draw our mind to the fact that these flowers will always face the sun. The Queen of Wands has people who look upon her as though she was the sun because she is radiant. When we live our truth, we become fearless and that is extremely bewitching.

When we genuinely care for others and lead by example we shine. People don't want someone to read a script, they need the heartfelt reaching out with substance which the Queen does. The Sunflowers remind us of her essential good nature. The Queen was at one time a young girl who may have tried to conform to others' opinions and has taken the time to grow to a point where she has bit by bit built herself up and has a sense of self-worth for who she is.

Having the queen come up for you reminds you that, you do not need to conform to someone else's vision of you. Trust yourself, and live life to the fullest. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourself and value yourself. You are as radiant as the sun, and you should just be you and shine!!

Mediation on the Queen of Wands

“Why settle for a lesser vision? When you are destiny for greatness!” ― Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind
  • What does your most authentic self, want?

  • What is the value you place on yourself?

  • In what aspect of your life can you be bolder and more courageous?

The Suit of Wands at a Glance:

  • Ace Ace 21 March - 20 June

  • Two 21 March - 30 March

  • Three 31 March - 10 April

  • Four 10 April - 19 April

  • Five 23 July - 01 August

  • Six 2 August - 11 August

  • Seven 12 August - 22 August

  • Eight 22 August - 01 December

  • Nine 02 December - 11 December

  • Ten 12 December - 21 December

  • Page 21 March - 20 June

  • Knight 13 November - 11 December

  • Queen 13 July - 11 August

  • King 11 March - 9 April

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