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Queen Of Cups The All Feeling Empath

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Urban soul tarot queen of cups

The Queen of Cups features the Queen seated on a throne decorated with cherubic mermaids and fish by the water, staring at a very ornate cup that has a lid on it. ​

The Queen of Cups bears the most ornate cup in the deck. Hers looks like a cup that could be used for religious or ritualistic ceremonies. She has her complete attention given to the cup.

The Cup could be linked to the Ace of Cups, which makes it symbolic of the entire range of emotions. The Queen of Cups feels very deeply and can be an empath channeling the feelings of those around her. Her cup reminiscent of religious objects also highlights the intuition of the Queen.

She is empathetic, sensitive, kind, spiritual, and has a highly honed intuition at her disposal. She is the only member of the Cups court who has a lid on her cup. The heart of the Queen of Cups is deep and she keeps her feelings to herself. She literally has a lid on her feelings and they are only known to those in her inner circle.

The figures on her throne are cherubic since she loves children and animals and nurturing people is just part of who she is! She would make a fantastic mother and her gift is imagination so vivid that she can turn the bathtub into an ocean where one may have vanquished a pirate and saved a mermaid princess!!

At her feet lie colored stones, which talk about her collection of memories that are sparkling and animated when seen through the lens of feeling. She is the queen who is the closest to the High Priestess, because of her disposition, intuition, and her yin nature. Her gift is that she allows herself to feel and does not block out emotion. She immerses herself in all the emotions that life throws at her, and lives in the moment.

Meditation On the Queen Of Cups

There is no instinct like that of the heart. Lord Byron
  • What is in your heart?

  • Are you comfortable with acknowledging it?

  • How about your comfort level with expressing it?

  • Do you take on others' emotions?

  • How does being empathetic impact you?

  • Are you comfortable with feeling grief?

  • What emotions are you trying to block out?

  • Would your life be richer if you just let them wash over you?

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