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Page of Cups In Love With The World

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Page of cups urban soul tarot

The Page of Cups is a young creative dreamer who is in love with himself and the world around him. ​He is an idealistic, kind and romantic dreamer.

The Page of Cups is in love with the world and sees the good in everyone he encounters. His special gift is his ability to flow with love and give that love to everyone he meets.

The Pages are all heralds of good news, and the Page of Cups brings good news in the realm of emotions. The Page is romantic at heart and the news could be an invitation to spend time with people you care about, or it could be that much-awaited love letter.

The Page is a flamboyant dresser, and he loves fashion. It is essential for him to make a statement that makes people remember him!

When the Page Of Cups turns up, he reminds you to follow your gut feeling. You are in tune with your own feelings, and your heart will guide you in the right direction. The empathy of the Page makes him a healer, and people like having him around for his soothing behavior.

The Page needs to be allowed his creative pursuits; else he would get very irritable. ​The Page carries his pet fish around with him. It is a unique choice for a pet!! The Page carries a cup that he cannot drink out of. Instead, his has a fish which represents his unconscious, peeking out of the cup and he engages with it. This goes to remind us that inspiration can strike at any time in the most unexpected way and in the most unexpected of places. Just as the Page can stare deep into the soul of the fish, so too the Page reminds us to love ourselves and to go deep within ourselves to appreciate who we are!!

The Page of Cups reminds you that it is most essential to be You!

Meditation on The Page Of Cups

“Wildflower; pick up your pretty little head, It will get easier; your dreams are not dead.” Nikki Rowe
  • Have you loved yourself, and really tried to see into your heart to find what makes you special, like the Page?

  • Are you ready to wade through emotional waters and allow yourself to feel the entire range of emotions?

  • Are you willing to trust your intuition? Can you do something creative today?

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