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Houses & Your Numerological Guide to the one you call Home.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021


Every house has an energy and a personality, pretty much like people. Sometimes a place is warm and welcoming and at others, it could be cold and aloof, even defiant and angry at those who dared to defy its boundaries and presume to call it their own. Whether or not we are sensitive we can't deny we all pick up vibes from the house we live in!

And very often it isn't just you who chooses the house, the house chooses you too. Despite all my spiritual and occult leanings, I do like to pride myself on being pretty common sense, and really feel that there is a myriad of factors that shape our lives. Over the years, I have come to learn that being at peace with the deity or the energies in your home is paramount, and as important as getting other things done.

In Thailand, many houses are mapped out and a small spirit house is placed in the center of the house. Apartment complexes have spirit houses so that the resident deity can be honored.

In 1988, we moved to Calcutta, Salt Lake City. My father was a pilot with the Indian Air Force, on deputation to a small airline carrier Vayudoot, that was new and upcoming. He was all out a family man, and he made sure that we were in a lovely community in Salt Lake. We moved in and loved our home. We were a family of four, and I have a younger sister, and it was blissful. Being kids from the defence services, we loved moving constantly since our family is close-knit. Eight months into our idyllic stay there my father crashed on duty. We took a few months to wind up and left Calcutta for good. The house stayed vacant for a few months and then a pilot from the Indian Army, moved in. This gentleman, about the same age as my father and of an equivalent position or Rank, was on deputation to another small carrier Pawan Hans. Eight months into their stay there, he crashed on duty. The family had two daughters. The parallels are unmistakable. I don't know what happened to the house after that. We heard of the second family since the owner of the house was also a Captain from the Indian Army, who happened to tell us, when we had a chance meeting. I guess the house was jinxed but during our time there- it was a happy home.

I've lived in a really creepy house, for a while, when I was on training for Singapore International Airlines, and there was a time when even the most practical of us housemates, did not want to spend a night in that home alone. There'd be footsteps every night around 3 AM, the doors would lock by themselves, the bell would ring at odd hours, I was almost convinced that it was a Poltergeist! I stubbornly refused to leave the house and I guess the entity there let me be. It was a home with hex signs all over the house. In Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, they have witch doctors that specialize in being a physical medium for spirits known as Bomohs. I have always been a student of the occult, so I recognized the well-disguised hex signs hidden in the pelmets of the curtains. We never saw them when we saw the house for rental, else I for one wouldn't have signed up on that house.

I've lived in many happy homes, where I'd begin my day with a prayer of gratitude to the house deity. In 2015, we moved into a gorgeous huge apartment in Singapore. I lost my dog and my kids were ever unwell, and we had such a harrowing time that I consulted Vastu for the first time while shifting house. When I went to meet a friend, at the old condominium, six months later, the elderly matronly indulgent security guard told me that our apartment did not lie vacant at all. In fact, someone moved in, three weeks after we left. They had two children and the older one was mysteriously unwell, pretty much the same as mine. I constantly felt that the deity of that home, which was built in the 1970s did not like having people and for the last few months there, I'd sage the house and request kindness since we would be moving out.

Our present home is a modern airy light apartment, and I connected with the home the moment I walked in. We've been here 4 years and the home just grows on us. When I began my journey of looking at houses in terms of their numerology in addition to sensing the vibes, I realized, that my current home loves the traditional rituals and the occult!! My hubby likes to light an incense in the morning and that is one manner to appease the spirit.

I guess that's enough about my house experiences since I could write a book on the vibes I've picked up visiting friends over the years.

What does the number of your home say about the spirit of your home?

  1. Calculating the number of your home.

  • Add the number. so if your home is Appt #11-011 The total is = 1+1+0+1+1=4.

  • Add the number and the Street/Block Number. So if its Block 111, #11-011, Then the number =1+1+1+4=7

  • You can also convert the name of the building and add it to the number of the home.So OLD HOUSE=6+3+4+8+6+3+1+5=36=3+6=9.

  • Add the above total to the total of the pin code.

This may give 4 numbers, but we as humans are multi-faceted so are our homes.

2. The House Numbers and what they tell us.

House Number 1

As the number 1 suggests, this house considers itself one of a kind. Honour your home by making it feel special and different from the others. Have something unique at the entrance, just as you would pamper your child pamper the home spirit, and make it feel special.

Since this is the "one of a kind" energy, it would hate to be a part of what is considered routine and mundane and an individual with a job that is not routine will gel with and be loved by the house.

This house is great for manifesting new, unconventional and original ideas. This is the perfect house for all things new as well, and to come into your light.

House Number 2

Number 2 is about duality and about possessing an intuition in addition to wisdom. Duality means that this home will be nurturing and accommodating to those who choose to live here.

The deities of this balanced number seek balance. They like the moderate path and are happy with peaceful activities, symmetry and the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. This is a home where the residents help each other and strengthen each other. At any rate, staying here, you will always have someone on the inside or in the neighborhood to watch your back. Do take time out for your interrelationships, as the guardian of the home takes joy in these interactions.

House Number 3

They say Two's company and in this case, three is a village. Expect to have friends to brighten your day. your home loves having company. please call people over so that the spirits in the house are happy. The notes of joy, happy music and friendship, be it bonding over coffee or wine, is something that your home appreciates. Joy grows when we share with our community and the more we share the more the house attracts to itself. Of course, every house gives us our share of growth but this one assures a village along with it. Like the Graces from Greek Myth, the home will always be joyful with the regular lot of challenges thrown in. Its deity likes abundance and children. Do have children over every now and then or keep a pet!

House Number 4

This is the house where you can engage yourself in building something from the ground up. When you work on a foundation, the deities of the house are happy. They believe in disciple, structure, routine and of course cleanliness-A place for everything and everything in its place. This house loves, supports and will push you on your journey to self-betterment and laying foundations for a new job, business, or even building your own home. If you do seek to study here, the spirit of this house would lovingly watch over you. Do, appease the vibe, by keeping some books in this home.

House Number 5

Hmm, this is the house of dogma and beliefs. The diety of this house needs some sort of spiritual work, to be in the optimal mood. It also believes in scholarship and study, and community!! So the deity here has been more than happy when the community is adhered to. Community-minded projects will keep the guardian of this house in great spirits. maybe you could plan some fundraisers or bake sales, where the proceeds go to charity. Using the home as a place to be a planning stop for donations that need to be passed on is another way to honour the philanthropic deity.

House Number 6

Six is the number of beauty and Venus. This house loves the arts, music, and beauty in general. Do appease the spirits by adding an aesthetic to the place, by bringing in fresh cut flowers. As is Venus, the deity of this house likes being wooed and appreciated. Invite in people. Six after all is the double of 3, which loves company too. This home loves, the creation of intimate memories, deep discussions and genuinely caring for each other. Leave thank you notes for each other to keep the guardian of this home happy!!

House Number 7

Seven is a spiritual number and the number of the mystic. The guardian of this home is happy if you do have a spiritual practice. This could be anything that fills your soul. It may be that you commit to going for a run daily and return back home, with feelings of gratitude for all that is working in your life. This is a house where the inner mystic will be happy as the guardian loves you delving into your own mind. Do thank the house for shelter and every now and then create a five-element crystal bowl, which one person cares for. The elemental bowl is a crystal bowl with daily freshwater, floating candles, petals and coins and pebbles in it.This home loves ritual, be it your standard traditional prayer or occult rituals such as working with Tarot Cards, or studying astrological charts. Do light incense, since it adds the element of passion to the spiritual and the home, stays happy.

House Number 8

The house numbered 8, is an interesting one to live in. It is the number ruled by Saturn. The guardian of this home has the expectation of a high moral standard. Those who do live their life according to universal life principles can expect a huge blessing. On the downside, to stray from the path of principle first and give the emotional response precedence can lead to stress. Do bring home a bit of your work since this home really appreciates a sincere work from home scenario.

House Number 9

This is a home that is happy for you to follow your path. It supports individual growth and study. It is also a home that wants to be a pinnacle of culture. Do allow in light and make sure there is more than the adequate flow of light and the place is obsessively tidy. The guardian of this home is happy when intellectual property is given precedence. The number 9 calls to mind the Nine Muses of Greek Mythology who were the inspiration for poetry, drama, music and the house needs these vibrations to stay happy.

At the end of the day, be ever so humble, there's no place like home. Wishing you a Happy Home spirit. The Russians called the home spirit the Domovoi. The Thai's especially construct a miniature house known as ‘Saan Phra Phum’, or angel house, for the privacy and comfort of the guardian spirit, the Indians have a "Kula Devta", or guardian deity. Whatever is your belief, may your home be happy and joyful.

Have a Blessed time and Bond with your home.


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