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Four of Swords

Urban soul tarot 4 of Swords

The Four Of Swords is the picture of a Knight sleeping in a church, his hands in the gesture of prayer, with three swords hanging up on the wall behind him and one by his side. ​The Four of Swords comes at a time when you have been working too hard and taking on too many battles. It is time to get some rest as the glorious Knight is taking. Sometimes we need to put down our swords and put our hands together to pray. The Oxford dictionary defines a Prayer as an "earnest hope or wish". Since the suit of swords usually deals with mental turmoil and anguish, this means that sometimes we have to let go of things and just exhale. When things seem to be out of your hands, it's best to put our hands together and invoke the universe to intercede. The stained glass in the background has the words Pax meaning Peace written in the background and a woman kneeling to pray to the Virgin goddess. You too will find peace, when you let go and let god. ​This card reminds you that you have been working too hard and you will be reaching a mental overload or burnout soon. It is essential that you take a rest to rejuvenate and renew your inner self. You have been taking on too many battles. It is time for you to retreat and rest to fight another day. Let someone else take on the charge and address the issues for a change. It is time for you to prioritize which battles you will fight and then take on "one battle at a time". The Knight in the church is after all just resting. Slow down, for now, withdraw from the world, get some rest and you will be ready to get on your way stronger and better. Do the things that nourish your body and your soul. Read a book, watch movies, pray, so that you can return back more tenacious at the end of that break.

Meditation On The Four of Swords

”Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.” – Ralph Marston

  1. What have you been working hard on?

  2. Have you given yourself the time to heal?

  3. What all battles are you fighting at the moment?

  4. Which of these can you let go of?


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