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The Two Of Swords

Timing: 23 Sep -02 Oct


We see a woman sitting on a block, with the waning moon behind her. She is blocking off her heart chakra by holding two swords perpendicular to each other and is blindfolded.

The Two Of Swords mentions a time when you have to make a decision. The decision seems like a painful one to make. You need to choose between two paths and this choice is a hard one since neither of the paths you need to take is appealing. The dread of having to walk the path and the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect is good enough to paralyze anyone.

The lady is wearing a blindfold since she has decided to shut out the world and let her intuition lead the way. Sometimes when we do not have enough factual information to make a choice we have to navigate by instinct. Right now is the time when you need to take that leap of faith with what your intuition is telling you and know that your soul or higher guide knows the path you are meant to be on, even if your conscious self is not so sure. As a result, intuition will guide you, and you will pick the choice that is right for you. Even if you feel you are not intuitive enough, trust the process. You are loved and the universe will help you choose.

The manner in which the swords are held is not comfortable and this kind of balance will not last long. Considering that she is in a defensive position, it is only a matter of time when she will be tipped away by emotions. If you do not make a choice, the situation will unfold in a manner that a choice will be pushed to you and you will go with the flow. The Two Of Swords is a time that is especially hard since everything seems vague. Whilst the querent knows what their choices are it is hard to pick one since the future of both those paths is equally murky. If only there was more information to be had about what lay further down the path.

In the background are the mountains to remind you of two essential facts. The mountains are a reminder of how far you've come and what you have accomplished. Remember you have got this, and the choice you choose will be correct. The second truth that those mountains proclaim is that in a while when seen from a distance, this will just be a story and it will no longer hold sway over you as it is doing now. Trust yourself to do the right thing even if you are not a hundred percent sure about your choice.

Meditation on the Two Of Swords

“I feel like I am in a constant battle with myself. I am being pushed and pulled in two different directions.”

― Krystalle Bianca.

  1. What do you need to make a decision about? Is it a relationship, career, friendship, job, city?

  2. What does your instinct tell you? Close the door on the path not taken and do not revisit it.

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