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The Emperor

Element: Fire Sign: Aries

urban soul tarot the emperor

The Emperor is all about discipline, and protection through the creation of boundaries. He is known for the stability, structure and order he brings to a situation. The Emperor sits in a very Martian environment, with a very thin stream of water running through his kingdom. He looks distant and remote, but that is only at first glance. He wears armour because that is his manner of caring. For the Emperor, actions speak louder than words, and his gift of love is to create a secure and stable environment. The armour, tells us that he is not depending on an army to get things done. Instead, he is hands-on with his duties and is ready to spring into action if the situation so calls for it. Stability is a very essential factor for the growth of any kind and for creating happiness. It can only be established with an iron hand and discipline. Rome was not built in a day, and the hallmark of the Emperor is to work consistently and with discipline day after day to bring his vision to life. He is practical, and functionality is all that matters to him. The Empress sits on a comfortable cushion, whereas the Emperor is content to sit on a hard seat since he does not want to become too comfortable. His is a life lived in dedication to his cause. While some may find the Emperor remote, his is a life lived with discipline so that his subjects can be themselves. The Stream runs through his kingdom because discipline is the foundation of any venture even a creative one. Dancers, Swimmers train day after day, every day to be as good as they are. The Emperor shows up to ask you, what is your dominion over? What is your vision? What step have you taken for the achievement of your vision? There are Rams on the throne of the Emperor, they stand for the sign of Aries which is ruled by the planet Mars. Mars in mythology was the god of war, taking whatever he wanted. The Emperor is all about being Martian and establishing boundaries. When the Emperor appears, we need to be disciplined in our approach where the head rules and emotions can only be felt through the lens of logical perception. Besides, we need to be ready to speak up and defend our position by establishing boundaries. Boundaries are the only manner in which we protect ourselves. Once those boundaries have been built and established, then one is the ruler of his own world.

Meditation On The Emperor

“Boundaries and discipline, when offered non-punitively and in the context of empathy and respect, are gifts we should feel proud of and one of the highest forms of love.” Janet Lansbury, Elevating Child Care: A Guide To Respectful Parenting

  1. Where do you need more discipline?

  2. Are you loving and consistent in your actions?

  3. What is the extent of your boundaries? Do you have control over whom you allow into your mind?

  4. What is the personal space you demarcate as your boundaries?

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