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The Fool

Element: Air Planet: Uranus Hebrew Letter: Aleph Timing: Something will happen immediately

urban soul tarot the fool

The Fool is the soul unencumbered by the trappings of the ego, mores of society, and expectations. He is a traveller, who carries no baggage, marches to his own beat and does as he pleases.

The Fool reminds you that life is not meant to be serious. When was the last time that you followed your heart, and did as you contented? When was the last time that you moved spontaneously and had no cares in the world?

We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. And the universe reminds us of that regularly. There is an old Indian saying, "The Universe watches out for the innocent and protects them." The Fool is innocence personified. He really needs very little, for the pouch he carries on his staff is all that he travels with. Let go of any baggage, any worries about what people may think and uninhibitedly follow the path that you wish too. There will always be people who will have an opinion and you really cannot please anyone. What is most essential is that you follow your instinct and intuition. YOU DO YOU!! And no one can do that better than YOU!

The Fool's dog represents his intuition. Like a cherished pet, it can be a benign friend guiding him on his soul's path. However, if he ignores his presentiment hunches regularly, it may leave him or turn into an angry raging beast. The Fool then reminds you to check in with your intuition and see how it is faring and what it is telling you?

The Fool is powerful, but he does not know it! He carries with him a wand, but like the simpleton in most stories, he uses the wand to hold up his possessions and carries it on his shoulder. The Fool's power has not been lost on our ancestors though. Throughout time, the Fool has stood outside society much like the Chorus of Ancient Greek Tragedies, and formed a comment on society. The Shakespearean Fool in King Lear, says what is obvious but he is the only one to boldly say it. The standup comics of today's era and those trending on social media Netflix, Prime and other platform invoke humour not by slapstick comedies but by honestly calling a spade a spade, and highlighting in a light-hearted manner the flaws of society.

So today, be light-hearted, walk with a skip in your step, dance to your own beat, claim your own power and walk to the beat of your own inner drummer and know, that providence has a special soft spot for you and is keeping an eye on you.

Meditation On The Fool

“They say that God watches out for children, drunks and fools. Simply put, this means I stand a two-thirds better chance for divine intervention in my life than most other people. ”― Lenny Castellaneta, No One's Even Bleeding

  1. What is it that you truly want to do?

  2. What are you scared of rushing headlong into?

  3. What is your inspiration asking of you? Indulge it today!!

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