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Tarotscopes for December 2020

Updated: Mar 13, 2021


December is a good time for you to blend opposing parts of yourself. It is a time that calls for moderation and the decision of where to slow down in certain areas of your life and where to devote more time. If you have been overworking and have not had the time for rest and relaxation; the holiday season should help you create some space for yourself to pace yourself and just be. This could also be a time of learning and going back to professional learning, taking a course and even just expanding your knowledge. Do not drastically favor one idea over another, instead negotiate a harmonious blend that will work perfectly for you! Traditionally, This card augurs travel too, but it may just be a stay-cation!!


The entire Universe is conspiring to manifest whatever you desire. This is the time when you should focus your willpower and direct it towards whatever your heart truly wants. Trust yourself to know that the time is right and that things will align so that you can experience your full potential. Take things one step at a time- and before you know it, the rest will align as a glorious path that is waiting to emerge. Start gathering the resources you need and tap into the skills that you have, your ideas and dreams are ready to be manifested. Think positive and take back your power. With a realistic workable plan, the sky is the limit!


You have worked very hard and have every reason to enjoy the rewards. Discipline has been your hallmark, you have spent the time sharpening your skills- while others may be directing more of their time towards fun. Now is the time for you to let your hair down and simply relax. Spending some time to reflect on where you are is likely to help you to realize how far you have come and how much there is to celebrate. Take time to fill up your fountain of self-worth. December is the time for you to have fun, taking pride in your accomplishments. This is a phase where you are self-reliant and will enjoy contemplating your progress.


This is a time that could be creatively inspiring, since the Moon is the source of creativity, and therefore rewards artists, writers or creative professionals by being a Muse. For others, this is a time to heed your intuition, since the Moon is all about illusions and facing your fears. Growth is often heralded by facing your deepest fears. A lot of fears may not be as bad as you have made them be. This is not a time to act, rather it would be good to get to the heart of your current situation so that you can better comprehend the circumstances before you make a choice. The Moon also rules over insomnia and issues of feminine health so self-care should be paramount.


You are exactly where you need to be. That is a very reassuring thought. The Universe is working in your favor and things will fall in place for you. The help you require will be at hand. The path will unfold with you being directed to it so that you can achieve your deepest desires. Alternately you may be in a position to help someone and shall do it wholeheartedly bringing in joy and good Karma into your life. It is after all Christmas, the season of giving! This is a time to abandon worries as the Universe lets you know that you are passing by a signpost that says you are on track with your soul’s purpose. This is a good time to give gratitude for all that is good in your life and to open yourself to receiving the abundance that is coming your way.


December is the time when you will take stock of your life and re-evaluate your decisions and options. This will be a time of choices and wishful thinking. You have many talents and there is a lot that you can do. However, do pick out one task and work on it, else there is a tendency to be caught in fantasies, and have nothing concrete to show for it. If there are choices, being offered to you, be very sure that you know what you want, since sometimes “wishes do come true..”. As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold”. Be wary of choosing the choice that seduces, since it may lack substance. Do check the fine print before you sign up for anything.


The only thing constant in life is change. The best way to ride over the change is to stay calm and relinquish control. Do center yourself, so that you can choose to make good decisions when the Wheel of Fortune begins to turn. While we cannot always decide what comes up in our path we can always regulate our own responses. After all, change is inevitable, and everything is transient. The Spinning Wheel foretells travel. If things have not been going your way, then there is a change for the better coming up. Be rest assured that you are being guided to where you need to be.


You have been brave to follow your hearts path. We never gain anything or live an extraordinary life if we don't take risks. However, sometimes those risks bring about a feeling of loss. There is a lot going on for you this month. You need to turn your focus from the things that have not worked out, to those that have. The loss could be in the letting go of a cherished dream or leaving behind something of material value. However, when we lose something, we also find something new and a change is ushered in. Take your time to let things go, and then turn your gaze to things that give you joy for they will help you find your way back to happiness.


This could be the month when wisdom asserts itself in the form of self-examination of your values, keeping in mind what it is that you want to fight for and what are you willing to pay for it. Sometimes wisdom doesn't mean saying what one should, rather it is leaving unsaid, that which is at the tip of your tongue!! Some arguments leave so much bitterness in their wake that winning them may do more damage than letting the matter slide! You need to ascertain if winning is essential to you because of your values or for the sake of winning. You are also advised to keep your ideas to yourself, so that they will not be plagiarised, or so that your words may not be used out of context.


December will be marked by synchronicity and things just working out as you intuited they would. This is a time when logic won't apply, so do pay attention to your instinct. If you can make the time for it, please Meditate or spend some time by yourself so that you can hear your inner mind. All the solutions that you are looking for, are within you. You have a lot more knowledge and awareness than you consciously think you do, and you just need to give your inner self space to speak. Do not be in a hurry to act like this is a time of reflection and you will intuitively know when you are ready to get back to the tasks you have planned for yourself.


Being the Philanthropic sign of the Zodiac, this month you need to adhere to structured principles and tradition to achieve success. Learning is the theme for the month for you. You could be learning something new. You could also be passing on your beliefs and values to someone who is keen to learn from you. December will be a month when you will scrutinize your convictions and where you place your trust, and decide which of these values are essential for you, which is especially true in light of the festivities of Christmas! We are all swept back to our childhood and examine our beliefs during a festival. If you are worried about something the guides as you to unburden your stress to the universe and trust that the path will reveal itself. The universe is out to hear you right now and open all the doors you need to be opened!


You are resilient and tenacious and have that fortitude to push forward for your goals. This is a time for completion and for you to know that you have the strength in reserve to complete the tasks you have undertaken. You have overcome a lot of adversities and have made space for your growth. You are a warrior in your own right. December is the month for you to become conscious of your perceived limitations and grow beyond them!! It is safe to drop your guard a little since you could be imagining confrontations and worry where none exists. It is time for you to release any limiting beliefs, grow your boundaries and soar. You definitely have the heart, persistence and courage to do so.

(© Light-Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne)

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Harmeet Bhatia
Harmeet Bhatia
Nov 23, 2020

Good word of caution for Sagittarius, keeping cards close to my chest!