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What is My Life Path based on Kabbalistic Numerology?

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

We are all immortal beings of light. We have lived infinite lifetimes and made eternal enduring connections, that we are seeking to reconnect with, in our present lifetime. Have you ever had a feeling of deja vu, of being in a familiar place? If so it could be knowing in your soul that you have been here before.

For many of us who seek to look beyond the veil that separates the mundane from the supernatural, the question always arises: Why am I here? What am I to achieve? What do I need to learn?

We are all here to learn and master lessons, we have not done in prior lifetimes. Once the lessons are complete we shall move on to other lessons before we are deemed enlightened enough to move on to another plane and are not required to have a physical experience for our cosmic education. We are imperfect and we do tend to accumulate emotional baggage as we journey through life. This is why we are not born with any recollection of our past lives. In its perpetual compassion, the Universe does not burden us with baggage from another life. Every now and then, however, souls do slip through this safety net and remember their past life.

Children have a higher recall of their past lives but that memory slowly erodes as they grow up. Luckily for us, the Universe does give us a code to answer the existentialist questions of Who am I? Why am I here? What do I need to work on? This special code is your Date Of Birth. This should give you a base, and of course, other factors count but the code is the foundation of it all.

So let's get cracking. Let's consider 15 August 1947.

15-08-1947=1+5+8+1+9+4+7=35; 3+5=8. Once you have reduced your Date of Birth to a single-digit, we have a glimpse of our purpose.

The following details are based on Kabbalistic Numerology.

Life Path 1 The Magus. You are endowed with a robust intellect and a mind that is as fast as quicksilver. Your gift is that you can argue from both sides of any argument. Your Will defines you. Like Merlin the most gifted of Magicians, you have the power to visualize something and then manifest it in the material world. You have an amazing power of concentration and are a force to reckon with. You are born to hone your will and create things.

Life Path 2 The High Priestess. You are blessed with the gift of intuition. Logic should not bind you and you need to follow the inner voice that has been placed inside you. You take your time in a situation and enjoy not drawing any attention to yourself, preferring instead to show your caring, entertaining self only to those you consider family and friends. You are born to trust the divinity in you and follow your intuition.

Life Path 3 The Empress. You are honoured with compassion and caring. Your empathy helps your close circle to heal whether it is physical or emotional. You have a very strong Venusian influence in your chart and have a natural affinity to the arts and to all things beautiful. You are very loving but can be deadly if someone threatens your loved ones. You are born to mother yourself and your loved ones.

Life Path 4 The Emperor. You are a personification of discipline. Rationality and Logic are the weapons of our arsenal. You are a rock for your loved ones, providing stability and protection. You have the desire to conquer and create something substantial to leave behind, in terms of a legacy for your loved ones. You are born to master discipline and connection through sound judgment.

Life Path 5 The Hierophant. Yours is the gift of faith. You are born with a strong will to develop your spiritual beliefs and to be of service to society. Keeping a society bound and on a path that swirls amidst goodness and kind deeds falls to you. You are the natural teacher, who leads by example and commands respect. Five's need society and very rarely incarnate without other fives to support their journey. Your family will definitely have many fives. You are born to teach and to affirm your faith.

Life Path 6 The Lovers. We are all eternal souls and have had countless lifetimes together. As a result, we have numerous soulmates. A soulmate is not essentially a romantic connection but one which completes us. We, therefore, could have our mothers, fathers, siblings, friends or children as our soulmates. You are born to search and connect with your soulmate.

Life Path 7 The Chariot. You are a Caeser in your own right. Blessed with the courage to push through indecision and follow your own path is your forte. You have a very gentle soul and you do a great job of hiding it under a tough exterior. You are born to ride on ahead and carve your individual path, whilst balancing a very willful mind and a very loving heart, making you even more heroic since your heart and head want to go their own way!!

Life Path 8 Strength You are blessed with the fortitude and compassion to embrace your feelings and yet follow your ethics. Very often our judgment may be tempered by our emotions and perception. You are like a lighthouse, you follow your beliefs even when your heart is involved. You are born to establish what your principles are and to follow them while being compassionate.

Life Path 9 The Hermit You are a light in the dark, unaffected by peer pressure. You are a wise soul who is born to pursue your own path. Matters of the world do not entice you much, and even though you do well in the material world you need the time to be by yourself, It is imperative for you to have your "me time" as that is what nourishes your soul. You are born to pursue your own individual unique wisdom.

All our challenges are geared towards us passing and mastering our novel lessons. Once we are done, we may move on to other lessons and finally other planes of existence. Blessed Be!!


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