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Count Down to 2021

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

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12 days left to go before we leave 2020 behind. What a year this has been. It has been a year of senseless loss, and worldwide grief. We would not wish this on anyone, and yet 2020 had its gifts! We have seen great acts of kindness as complete strangers came forward to brighten spirits. 2020, brought out the humanity of the human race, in the manner, in which volunteers have stepped up putting their own safety and needs behind them. The Earth had the time to breathe, and nature began sprouting in the most unusual places. New Species were discovered. Dolphins came out to play, and deer have gone chocolate shopping! Leopards have been roaming the streets and Nature has been rejoicing the quiet too. It has been a year where neighbours have sang to keep the other's spirit up and have played bingo from balconies, simply to share and offer a human connection. It’s been a year where we have individually realized how little we need, and how much of what we have is excess. Being healthy, alive and having someone to love and being loved back is the world's greatest gift. We have all come into our own personal power and we have grown. Being locked in and being turned inward day after day has not been easy to start with but we have all gone within and returned wiser and we have more understanding of how much our relationships have value. It hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies. Change is never easy, and even the most joyous birth is accompanied by blood and tears. We are still fortunate when we compare our pandemic to 1918. We have had better medical facilities, historical data to look back at, and the Internet. We’ve been connected to our loved ones whether near or far and people have stepped in to charitably offer classes and emotional help via the world wide web!

Astrologically this year has also been unprecedented. The Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn took place in January 2020. Capricorn is the most restrictive, yet hard-working sign of the zodiac. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and he has been in his own home, this whole year!! Finally, Saturn is in Aquarius so we can all breathe!! The last conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn was in 1518. We are soon heading towards the conjunction of the Titan Jupiter with Saturn in Aquarius the Thinker. This would mean that the focus will shift from the material world view to mental clarity and focus.

Being a 5 energy year, ruled by The Hierophant, we shall realize that in 2021 our beliefs will be tested and will change or grow. There will be learning to that effect from our greatest teacher Life!!

Jupiter and Saturn are in their first conjunction since 2000 since they are conjunct every 20 years but they are meeting up in an air sign after 200 years!! There’s so much to say about this!! Jupiter is the planet of optimism and good luck and Saturn gives structure, so this is the start of an era!!

Our Cosmos is super busy this December 21’st but more on that later!!

For today we, give gratitude and thank the universe for its gifts in an extremely trying year.


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