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Six of Swords

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Urban soul tarot 6 of swords

The Six of Swords marks calm and steady progress to another stage of your life. On a mundane level, it could simply mean a journey over water!! I do however see this as an"on the run-chores day" too!! However, on a deeper level, this is the card of transition. You may be experiencing a certain amount of disruption and dislocation as you distance yourself from a turbulent situation to experience growth. ​The scene is a somber one with a ferryman, taking a woman and child away from tempestuous waters to calmer shores. The three figures may be a family, and if that is the case, then the blessing is that the family stays together and moves off in search of a more harmonious beginning. If the ferryman is but a professional taking the woman and her child onward it is still reassuring to know that the help that is required will be sent via providence and they shall be taken care of. The passengers of the boat, carry nothing on them, only six swords to keep the water out of the boat. The swords are the power of the mind and the water is the emotion that could threaten to sink the journey. This is a time of transition when there is a change that is supported by intellect and calm reasoning. The heart is definitely torrid and emotions murky. This is the card of the refugee or someone who is leaving behind a life that is conducive to just existing and moving on in search of something better. Will the future be better? Well, help has arrived so obviously the universe would definitely steer you to a better place. However, the future is yet not sure. The best thing that one can do at the present moment is to trust the process, adjust to the discomfort and focus on rational thoughts. Thinking emotionally will only sink the boat! ​There is no growth that takes place in comfort. If we are content why would we move? This is a time of leaving behind the known and moving on to the unknown no matter how apprehensive one is. This card with its swords also is about a balanced mind and changing ideas. Perhaps the travelers carry with themselves a new way of thinking and ideas that would help them to start anew. This is your time to transition and reach out for an exciting new beginning. Shed worry and trust that a better life is opening up for you!!

Meditations on the Six Of Swords

“To reach a port we must set sail – Sail, not tie at anchor Sail, not drift.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

  1. What are you leaving behind?

  2. Take stock of your rational thought. This is not a time to honor the emotional process. Just as the swords keep the water out, you should close the door on what you have left behind and forge ahead with the power of the mind.

  3. If you had to make the transition what baggage would you carry in your actual chest? What would you pack in your mental chest?


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