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Angels and Spirit Guides & Connecting with them

Our Angels and Spirit Guides are ever-present to guide us.

Angels and Spirit guides are mentioned in most spiritual traditions from all over the world. These beings of light are a part of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Mormonism. Angels are fundamental to most of the world’s major religions and are messengers from the divine realm. They guide and comfort us. I do like to mention Spirit guides as well since they too fulfil the function of guiding and comforting us.

In the era bygone when people were more in tune with nature, they could connect with their guides easily. In the Modern world, however, with its distractions and disconnects, just a call for help and a sincere desire for a connection is enough to reach out to the Angels. As with any relationship we have, sincerity is a must. We need to make personal relationships with the angels. Just like our worldly relationships, our partnership with the angels is built and deepened over time.

Petitioning the Angels for help is an age-old practice. It is a powerful spiritual practice. Prayer is after all a request for help or gratitude that is mouthed. Following are a few ways to build a relationship with the angels. You can imbibe them with what makes you feel right. This is after all a lifelong practice and a relationship.

Ask your Angels and Spirit Guides for help

Unsolicited help is never welcome and that is a fact in the spiritual world as well. Angels are not hampered by physical fatigue and can help us night or day. The genuineness and sincerity with which we call will definitely elicit a response.

Decide what works for you. You can have your own rituals, affirmations and practices. You, do you when you reach out for help from the ethereal world. Trust is a factor and has to be paramount. Calling upon an angel for help means that we need to be open to receiving their assistance. We need to deem ourselves worthy of angelic grace. Angels are divine and they do not operate under any kind of divided jurisdiction. Angels work with everyone. Our personal histories, choice of religion or spiritual beliefs do not factor in the plea for help. All that counts is the hand folded in prayer and a call for help. Angels are infinite and omnipresent, and they do not fall into our perception of time, space or division. They have an endless flow of empathy and unconditional love for the individual who petition for their help.

Trust your Angels and Spirit Guides and Let Go

This is essential. We usually ask for help when we are unable to do something by ourselves. The issue is that we have the desired outcome in our minds that we attach ourselves to. We would usually like something to turn out a certain way!!

The Hanged Man is all about surrender and sacrifice for a higher good. It could be a reminder to change one's perspective and go with the flow.

In 2018, my mother had emergency surgery in India. I had to fly in to be with her. Close friends advised me to lose control and not bother about how the children and household are being managed. “It will be done, according to the person in charge!!” Irrespective, I landed back home and was with mom. At 5.45 AM Singapore time, I was wide awake, since my body clock is set to packing snack boxes. I sat on my hands, bidding myself to let go. By 6.30 AM I had to peek into the app, that was connected to the webcams back home. “No one had woken up!!” I called up home and had everyone up to make it in time for school. With the wondrous devices of modern communication, I even managed to ask someone to request the bus to wait a couple of minutes. Interestingly, the lady who held the school bus in Singapore was in Canada at that time! Things fell into place. Then mum had the surgery and I was with my mother and with the household left to my husband. The thing is, by the time I returned a week later, my older one was independently getting to the bus stop by herself. The kids were fine. Not everything was ideal, but everyone was okay. When we leave things to someone else, we need to let them do it their own way!!

When we leave things to our Angels and Spirit Guides, we need to trust in their loving intent. We should release all expectations of how our request will be answered. Often what comes about is so much more beautiful and fitting for us than we would’ve conceived of ourselves.

For me, that shift came about with the mantra that I would repeat often in my head "What is out of my hands, is out of my mind. I hand it over to you, to sort out as you see fit! Your infinite love and compassion will find the best path for me. ” So here’s to handing over every worry, fear, stress, issue and problem, every good intention and even hope for positive outcomes to our angels.

See through the eyes of your inner divine child.

Do you recall a time when you were a child and “king of the world”, a pirate, a faerie princess, or a superhero?

When my daughter was a toddler, we would spend a lot of time playing dress-up, and acting out fairy tales and plays. One afternoon when I had taken her to the playground and was sitting on the side bench with another mommy, I heard her burst into tears. It was a loud bawling cry. Concerned, me and my friend rushed to our kids. My daughter was wailing and her pragmatic, practical and intelligent little friend was standing looking very guilty. We both asked the girls what happened. Between sobs my daughter told me “sh.. sh.. she said, I..I..I am not a biiiiirrrd!” My daughter was around three years old. Her poor friend stared defiantly at me. I hugged my crying child and asked her, “Do you think you are a bird?” She answered sobbing “Yes!” “Well, then you are!! You can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do!! Trust in yourself and you will fly!” Today my daughter is almost fourteen and she is sensible and has even been a speaker on Ted Ex talking about “Neurodiversity and inclusivity in schools”. She gratefully hasn’t lost her inner child and believes in the impossible still.

When you reach out to your angels you need to access that part of yourself that believes in the magical- the inner child. You also need to reach out to that part of yourself that knows you are divine and connected to the Universe. You are worthy of its love and assistance.

Have Gratitude.

No matter how bleak things are, there is still something to be grateful for. Gratitude raises our vibration and shifts our focus. Like attracts like and the Universe brings more things to be grateful for, into our lives. When my father crashed on duty in 1988, my mother asked us to shift from sorrow and anger to being grateful for having had him in our lives.

Our Spirit Guides and Angels have their distinct personalities. They may want to be seen and you only need to ask them to reveal themselves. They can also be shy, choosing to reveal themselves, when they want.

Every December I prepare a yearly forecast for my family and friends. In 2018, I told my mom, “Yay!! We are going to have a fantastic year!! Since both share the same yearly tarot card, this year we are graced with The Sun, which will illuminate areas of our life. We will have our proverbial time in the sun!” In March 2018, mom was diagnosed with cancer. I remember her saying “well, this was a good year, right!” My instant thought was ”Yes!! It is. It’s stage one, you have a diagnosis and before you know it, we will be good. Better to have caught cancer now at this stage!”

No matter how bleak things are, there is always a silver lining. When we are practised at looking for the silver lining, it is all we see. And gratitude begets gratitude. If you are struggling to find that silver lining, which is a possibility, ask your Angels to help you find the love in that situation. And then let go of any expectation of how that love will be revealed to you. Trust and let go.

At the very least, our ego and heart respond with joy when our efforts are recognized. It is the same with the Universe.

Know that it is handed to your Angels and Spirit Guides and it is done.

Unlike human beings, Angels answer every request and provide assistance. Our response to the Angels has to be one of love and not fear. When we ask for something, we should know that it will be given if it is for our highest good. In the same manner that we would not give a car to a three-year-old, Angels may wait for us to have a certain maturity before we are given that which we ask for. If the response is fear, pray for love and understanding. We have all been guilty sometimes for instant gratification. It is the culture that we live in.

What worked for me was making sure that I put in all the effort from my end on a cherished wish and then left the outcome to my guides. My Mantra - “What is not in my hands is out of my head. I have the best crew on this task.” In the Vedic scriptures, this is known as Prasada Buddhi which accepts joys and challenging times as a gift from God. So what works for us is God's direction leading us on and what doesn't is God's protection and love keeping us from more heartbreak.

Exercise the Trust you place in your Angels and Spirit Guides.

Act on the guidance your receive. Like going to the gym, intuition is a muscle. Act on that sign or gut feeling and the more you act on it, the smoother your transactions with the Angels will be. When I was still sceptical, I was advised by a friend who has total faith in her guides. “The Universe watches over each blade of grass that grows, each heartbeat, each atom. It is infinite. Nothing you ask, that is for the highest good, will ever be too much!” She said. I so believe that.

When we let go and trust, we realise that we are in synchronization with the universe and that

every subsequent day, that trust grows. For both my children, I had been the helicopter parent, who gratefully has learnt to chill. Being a helicopter parent had been great in the early years, since after their concerts when I would find them, they would often say “I couldn’t see you mummy, but I knew you were there!” And I was, rooting from my seat, waving out to them!! And that is how the angels show up in our lives. We just need to exercise our trust.

Surrender your Judgment to your Angels and Spirit Guides and embrace yourself with love.

Judgement is projecting one's shadow-self on others. The best way to let go of judgement is to love yourself and let go of any critical, negative feelings about yourself, your life, or others in the hands of the angels for healing. Have you ever realised that our inner critic is more callous and compassionless than even our worst enemy? The kind of things we can say to ourselves in our heads, we wouldn’t say to even the person who irks us the most.

Today, accept yourself in all the ways that you feel are not perfect, and thank the Angels for their love and the help they have extended to you. Honour and laud yourself exactly as you are in the moment. Let go of any condemnatory reproving chastisement or negative feelings about yourself, your life, or others in the hands of the angels for healing. Just for a few moments, let go of everything that is not of love for yourself and everything around you. In loving yourself, warts and all, you affirm your divinity!! And, in this moment of surrender, the Universe steps in to fill the spaces in your life that needs healing.

It doesn’t matter if, in your mind, the Universal life force is represented by the Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, particular deities or just the Universal flow of love. All of the above steps are good to ask your guides for help and assistance. Remember, you are divine, a child of the loving grace of the Universe and she will be at your side with every step you take.

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