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Angels & Spirit Guides

Angels are highly evolved beings of light who serve as teachers and guides to guide us and offer us assistance, clarity and comfort. They aim to raise our vibration so that we too can evolve to a higher level. At the moments when things seem the bleakest, angels show up to offer support. There is a belief that we all have our own guardian angels. These could be beings of light or spirits of family and friends who have evolved to the next plane of existence, after completing the cycle of birth, death and reincarnation. They exist just as we do, albeit on another level and reside in a higher plane of existence.

What do Angels Do?

Our guides may reach us via the medium of signs and symbols, or through dreams.

Angels reach out to us, through the medium of dreams or intuition. They are that voice within us which may be christened the Voice of the Conscience. They may also show up as signs and symbols. I have a special connection with dragonflies. My father and I shared an incident about how life is sacred and he explained it through the reference to a dragonfly. Often when I am at crossroads or going through a challenging phase in life- emotional, personal or intellectual dragonflies show up as a picture, a tattoo, or in the garden. This is a reminder to me that I am on the right path and that my angel is present by my side.

There are times when I make a pact with my guides, to see a sign or hear a certain song as a confirmation of a path or a choice. 2018 December, saw me in a personal crisis where I was awaiting correspondence from a particular institute that was not the right fit for my situation. In December 2018, whilst on a flight to Delhi, I sent up a secret prayer to my angel and asked for a sign to exclaim that I shall have what I desire. I even decided to cheat a bit!! The sign I was supposed to receive was the song - “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer…” How hard can it be during Christmas to hear one of the most cherished carols? Would you believe it, I never heard that carol even once. After four years and finding a path that resonated with my needs, I heard the song Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, everywhere I went this Christmas!! So our Angels will help us with what we most need and what serves our highest good.

The dragonfly, and the song I chose, represent the loving energy of my guides- the Angel and the evolved spirit being. When I can constantly tune into them, I too pulsate with the energy that a Shaman carries within.

How Many Angels do we have?

While some people may have a single guide, others have many depending on one’s calling and need for guidance. The occultist Agrippa has attributed three angels to each person, and this is rooted in the Jewish occult philosophy of the Kabbalah. Our first Angel is given the charge of our soul when we are created. The second is assigned to us based on the stars present at the time of our soul’s creation and this angel influences our personality and thought processes. The third angel is given to us to guide us through the physical world. Our personal journey will indicate which angel is the dominant guide for us.

While we are blessed with spirit guides, the angels are there to guide us as and when we need their assistance. We can always call upon Angels and Archangels to assist us. There are times when you will receive a message of what may come to pass and it is with love that the angels let us know what is to come. In 2021, there were a lot of countries in lockdown or severe restrictions owing to the Delta strain of Covid. I had just rebooted my practice of accessing the records. Three days in a row, I kept drawing Archangel Michael. On the fourth day, no surprise, Archangel Michael again!! A short while after my meditation I spoke to a cherished friend, remarking that it was strange that all I can see is light and the protection and love given by Archangel Michael. I am not religious, so it was intriguing. Later that day, I received a call from my mother in India. My baby sister had been admitted to the hospital in the UK. Since it was in the midst of Delta, she was not allowed any attendants or visitors. Again, owing to Delta, the hospital was short-staffed, and it took them three days to arrange an emergency surgery. The vision of Archangel Michael made complete sense.

As soon as I heard Mum over the phone, I had a sense of complete peace and let mom know that she would be fine and protected. My sister did have emergency surgery. As a result of waiting, gangrene had set in, but she was safe, and her surgeon later told her that she had been extremely fortunate.

The fact is that Angelic guidance is available to all, and no special skill set is required to access that wisdom. One only needs intention and sincerity to show up as is with any other relationship.

Individuals with a challenging life path who need to cover more lessons often have an archangel or angel as a guide. Belief in your spirit guide is not essential. Whether you acknowledge their presence or are a skeptic, they are there with you. They are part of you and your journey and seeing you succeed is their greatest joy.

Since they always stay with us, it can be comforting to get to know them, and why they are in your life. Asking them to reveal themselves is an option.

How do we get to know our Spirit Guides or the particular Angel those watche over us?

Our Spirit Guides have their distinct personalities. They may want to be seen and you only need to ask them to reveal themselves. They can also be shy, choosing to reveal themselves, when they want.

Meditating is an option to view our Spirit Guides. You can ask them to reveal themselves and look out for signs. Growing up in boarding, I had friends who were very sensitive and intuitive. I had a roommate describe my spirit guide, and she mentioned that she saw the figure at the foot of my bed, late in the night as she was turning in her sleep. My best friend gave me the same description that my roommate had narrated, on one of our sleepovers. Over the years that I have flown as a flight attendant, I have had close friends, let me know the description of my guide, at the foot of my bed, with uncannily similar details. I have felt the presence of my spirit guide, but I only saw my guide a few years ago, almost as if it was a flesh and blood person sitting across me. I even remember the attire with uncanny detail. So, if you want to know the identity of your guides, reach out. Move into a quiet and meditative space and request them to reveal themselves to you. It is okay if you cannot see them immediately, the love they feel for you is consistently there with you.

They may communicate through signs and symbols. Trust in your ability to decode the signs and have the wisdom available to you. Do not allow rationality to cloud the way. If something feels right, then that is the answer. You can also turn your attention to the pictures that appear in your mind. You may see a loved one, a cherished ancestor, or someone from a culture that calls to you. It could be someone Native American, a monk or you may see nothing at all. Sometimes, it takes time for your spirit guides to reveal themselves to you, as was the case for me.

Working with Angels and Spirit guides promotes healing.

Spirit guides exist on a higher plane of existence. The focus is on the expansion of consciousness and our evolution. They aim to help us learn the lessons we need to grow. This helps us gain a holistic insight into our situation seen through a higher plane. Angels can even help with physical healing. Therefore, working with our spirit guides can be a tremendously healing experience. It is an incredible tool for profound personal and spiritual growth.

The world is full of miracles, and stories of these beings and their compassion. We only need to open our hearts and suspend skepticism for a while to allow that magic into our lives. This raises our vibration, and the world truly turns from the mundane to an HDMI 5G rendering that shows us an intricate delicate web that connects all of us.

My Dragonfly Connection!!


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