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Yes Or No

Yes or No is often the question that people have been consulting the Tarot for. Does it work? Well, that depends on your rapport with the cards. There are varying methods of getting an Affirmative or Negative Answer.

Would I pick a Yes/No random generator online to answer my question? The argument for choosing a Yes/No Online generator is that the algorithm will pick the right answer using synchronicity. The argument against choosing a Yes/No Random Generator is that it is an algorithm.

Do I use the Tarot For a Yes or No Confirmation?

Tarot Cards can be drawn for a Guiding Yes or No answer.

Of course!! Yes, I do use the Tarot for a Yes No confirmation. Following are various techniques to use your trusty cards for a Yes/No.

  1. One Card can be drawn for a Yes/No Answer. This works great if you draw an obviously positive card such as The Empress, The World, Or Three of Cups to name a few since it obviously means a yes. A clearly negative card would definitely at the first glance mean a negative. Examples of these cards would be the Four Of Cups, Eight Of Cups, Ten Of Swords, or even The Hanged Man.

  2. Often the card may be an ambiguous one like the Seven Of Pentacles, which means reevaluate or Ten Of Wands which says overwhelmed but not if that's a yes or no. In such a case a maximum of one more card makes the total two, and thus two cards are drawn. If the next card is negative then it's most probably a NO. A Positive card indicates that the situation will come to pass, albeit with a little delay.

  3. Another method is that you use a predetermined set so, each Major card can be assigned a positive number and each Minor card a negative. Draw out 5 cards, and then turn them over, totally disregarding the individual message of the cards. Once you turn over the cards, take a quick check on the number you get. If the number is positive, then the situation will come to pass, and if it is negative, you may let the hope or worry leave. It is amazing how many readings just turn up with Majors or only MInors. The Cards can then be read to know the sequence in which the events will unfold so we use cards.

  4. Another method is just using the Major Cards and assigning a positive to the even cards and a negative to the odd cards. This can also be used to assign a positive value to the upright cards and a negative to the reversed ones. Again, five cards are enough and can be used to predict the outcome and then catalogue the sequence by which it occurs.

Is this method reliable?

This method can be very reliable provided the following steps are followed.

  • No one likes to be bullied into giving the answer we want to hear. When you ask the cards a question, you can ask Once and only Once. Make sure you journal your reading and then return to the journal to write the feedback to build your confidence with the method. If you've asked the question a million times, or quite near that number, there would be so many yes's and no's that the reading would lose its importance.

  • Feedback is essential for your journal. Sometimes, it is possible that a Yes is a Yes, but only over a longer period of time than we thought before.

Do Try out the Method or Book a Remote Reading where I send you a Video.

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