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The Star Of Bethlehem 21 December 2020

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

December 21st is the day of the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern hemisphere is the latitude that feels the direct rays of the Sun during the Solstice. It marks the beginning of summer in the Southern hemisphere and the beginning of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This year December 21st is so much more than that pagan celebration

This year, after all that soul searching, mayhem and growth, we shall be graced by the Star of Bethlehem. Jupiter and Saturn the titans of our solar system have been moving towards each other and on the 21st of December, they will align and be separated by just 0.1 degrees from our vantage point on earth. The planets line up every 20 years but they have not had a conjunction in an air sign for the last 200 years. The last conjunction in Aquarius was in 1623 A.D., almost 400 years ago.

If that wasn't rare enough, we have lived through 2020, a year that will go down in history as extraordinary and a precursor to major change. On the 21st Of December we shall be graced with an extraordinary phenomenon, Jupiter and Saturn will be closer than they have been at any other time in history since 1226 A.D.

This Christmas Star appearing so close to Christmas is a real harbinger of hope There is something magical about being under the same sky as the one that led the Magi to the baby Christ.

This is also life-altering since the two plants are the Giants of our solar system. Jupiter the behemoth, is the planet of expansion, of good luck and is considered to be benevolent in Vedic Astrology. Saturn on the other hand is known for its constricting influence. It subjects one to limitations, and boundaries and forces us to take pride in ourselves and step up to the responsibility.

So what would this conjunction of opposing planets mean? Saturn has spent a year in Capricorn. It has been turning up the heat to make sure we do the tasks that enable our self-growth. For those who have walked the path, Jupiter is waiting to reward them. Others who have yet to step up still have a lot of proving to do!!

2021, is a number 5 year. It is the year of the Hierophant! The vibe of 2021, of Soul searching and looking at our spiritual beliefs, begins with the Great Conjunction as this meeting of Jupiter - Saturn is known. Be ready for a year that will see a major transformation of awareness, and recognition of mindfulness and will focus on the altruism of Aquarius.

When Saturn enters Aquarius which it did on 16th December, it really demands us to be analytically censorious of our thoughts. Astrologically as well, we are going to be going through the phase where we are going to be going inwards and seeing what holds up to fine scrutiny and what needs to go.

Jupiter stepped out of Capricorn, and into Aquarius on 19th December. Since Capricorn was really reining in the mojo and vibe of Jupiter, we shall now see things begin to move. Of course, since Saturn moved into Aquarius, and Aquarius itself is insightful, Jupiter will give a thrust to those projects that have substance.

So here's to wishing that the Great Conjunction and the Star of Bethlehem do shower some magic into our lives and lead us on with hope!!

Blessed Be!


Light Seer's Tarot By Chris-Anne.


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