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The Moon

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

The Moon is a welcome card if you are an artist. It dips into the subconscious, which is a great muse since it is the home of the imagination.

For the majority of us, The Moon augurs a time when the subconscious chooses to manifest thereby creating confusion, distorted perception and even insomnia leading to diminished mental capacity.

In the light of the Moon, things do not look clear and we see what we want to see. Some folks see shadows creeping under the moonlight as it brings to life their greatest fears. Others may see an idyllic city under the moonlight or their proverbial yellow brick road, as they see the fireflies. What is common, however, between the feelings of terror that are manifested and the feelings of euphoria is that it simply isn't real.

Though you dip into your subconscious when The Moon appears, you are in a position when you are searching for that voice of intuition, since it is lost amongst all the other voices in your subconscious. On the card, we see a dog and a wolf, under the moonlight. The dog represents the cuddly, loveable, domesticated part of you. The wolf on the other hand is the animalistic, instinctual and totally wild part of you, and the Moon is making sure that they are both being pulled out. Emerging from the water is the crayfish, which dredges up your memories and fears and joys to the surface. "Still Waters run deep", but the waters of the subconscious are infinite and it is from here that the memories surface and distort the perception of reality.

This is a good time to pay attention to what your dreams are telling you. What are you scared of? If it is euphoria, what are you seeing through rosy-colored glasses? Are you hiding something from yourself? This could be a time when someone in your life is guarding their own secrets, which means that you do not have all the information that you need at the moment to make a decision.

Since the Moon has its own 28-day cycle, she ties in with feminine cycles and also warns you to keep an eye on your health.

Meditation on The Moon

"There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls." —George Carlin

  1. What are your dreams telling you?

  2. The Moon often marks a phase when whatever you push down into your unconscious is the first thing to pop up when you get to bed. What is keeping you up at night?

  3. Are you wearing rosy-colored glasses? Why is it so important to distort reality? What are you avoiding?

  4. Do you feel someone is hiding information from you? Follow your intuition.

  5. The Moon is never the same it is constantly changing. So the Moon brings to mind a situation that is slowly evolving. Just as we cannot see clearly by the light of Moon so too we can be sure that this is a time the imagination runs rife. Do take unemotional stock of a situation and know that you may not have all the facts.


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