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Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Urban soul tarot Judgment

Judgement shows a very biblical image of souls being called to rise to their life's purpose.

Judgement appears when you are going through a spiritual awakening. The soul is on its journey to find its true purpose.

The Angel is blowing the horn calling you into action. The horn has a flag attached to it which shows a red cross. This is not a Christian Cross, but a pagan one. It represents crossroads that one may find themselves at.

Judgement is that stage in your life when you decide that you want to release yourself into a life that is in tune with your inner purpose or compass. We see people rising out naked from coffins and hearing the call of the angel. This signifies that one intuitively knows where one has to go.

The coffins are limiting beliefs and obsolete behavior that can be dropped or shed off and left behind. Judgement is your time to answer your inner call or wake-up call if you will, and take that path on life's crossroads that leads you to your intuited destination.

To be born into a new life, the old has to die and that is another interpretation of the coffins that float on the river of forgetfulness. Just as the souls pass through Lethe and induce forgetfulness so that they do not carry baggage, this is your call to shed the baggage and leave things that no longer serve you as you move into a new life. This is your time to create a change and leave the redundant.

Your life is about to grow in a manner that will make you feel lighter in your step. Drop your baggage, breathe, and release yourself into a better life now!!

Meditation on Judgement

“I’m going to do what I want to do. I’m going to be who I really am. I’m going to figure out what that is.” – Emma Watson
  1. What crossroad are you at?

  2. What kind of life do you want for yourself?

  3. What are you leaving behind?

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