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Tarot Card Reading Course, Tarot Reading Online, Tarot Classes near me​

"Tarot card reading course, Tarot reading online, Tarot classes near me". How often have we all typed this out on our keyboard hoping for the one teacher who could help lift the veil and connect us to our own divinity? As a newbie, in the '90s the internet was not as robust as it is now, in my home country. Access to internet communities was also very limited and there were a few books on the tarot that were available.

In the late '90s, when I began my career as a flight attendant, I would spend the vast majority of my free time socializing with colleagues, and out late in the night. Despite having had a 14 to 15-hour workday, anyone who knew me could agree that was always at the Pub or Discotheque, or- sometimes- up at the Crew Longe, with my trusty cards, reading for colleagues. However, in the morning I would religiously head down to the bookstores that the concierge recommended, collecting Tarot decks and books. Over the years I have collected many decks and books and have plenty of dog-eared books, with post-its and notes scribbled in.

In 2005, I began as a teacher for a "tarot card reading course". I was fortunate, to begin with students who were all masters in their own fields of alternate healing. Since those were the days that most people were sceptical of tarot reading online, a live in-person teaching session was preferred. A Master Pranic Healer in the early '2000s flew in from Calcutta to New Delhi for 3o days of intensive tarot, having found me on a search which ironically said "tarot classes near me".

I have always had a love of learning and have spent my life towards that pursuit so a Tarot Card Reading Course with me is not solely a spiritual pursuit. The Rich imagery of the tarot ties in with various strands like the Kaballah, Astrology, Cosmology, Mythology, Ancient Civilizations, Buddhism, Tarosim, Hindisum, Cultures both living and ancient - like the Norse, Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Hinduism; Sociology, Anthropology, Symbology from the Rosicrucians, Gnostics, Wiccans - and other Esoteric and Occult disciplines. Tarot is evolving, much like our spirituality and is more encompassing now- Decks have people of all colours, and the genders are all represented with pride. So a Tarot Card Reading Course with me is also very structured so that it can lead you to your own journey of both predicting for yourself and others and of growing spiritually.

I have spent over three decades working with the Tarot. In my search for tarot classes near me, I often found classes on another continent! Jokes aside, I am cynical of tarot classes that offer a day's duration course or even the tagline "2 hours Tarot classes" and you will know everything there is to know about the Tarot. I can make no such claim. The Tarot is a discipline much like Reiki, or EFT/TFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Thought Field Therapy) which cannot be learnt over 2 hours, of theory. You have to find what works for you and what the cards mean to you. It is a spiritual path and one that will catapult your growth. The Tarot is akin to having a search engine at your disposal that will help you to find the Karmic lessons in a particular relationship or situation, and it is so worth the time to honour it by giving it the space and time that you need to develop a relationship with it.

With the era of tarot reading online, wherein you do not need to leave your space, tarot classes online also work great. For most of my clients who opt for tarot reading online, there are about 3 times more clients who opt for tarot reading where our only contact is a WhatsApp or SMS message consisting of the date of birth and three questions for clarity. The power of the Tarot to tap into one's higher guides is so great that I have many regular clients whom I have never seen and to whom I regularly send out love and prayers for a better time. Tarot Reading Online has made me cross paths with many people all over the globe, strong people who may need a little help to hear their inner voice. Does a Reading end when we say bye, as it is supposed to? My practice is guided by love and while each reading is objective and serves the highest good, I continue to offer prayers and hopes for my client's challenges to pass soon and for them to be a quick study.

In Ancient India, the Gurukula system existed wherein the students would live with their teacher till the end of their education, caring for the teacher and in turn being tutored by the loving educator. As the card of the Hierophant says when the student is ready the teacher will appear. The bond between Teacher and student is a Karmic one spanning more lifetimes than this current one.

The Tarot will open up your world and if you are happy to put in the hours, I would be honoured to be your guide, into the world beyond the known. The Tarot shall open up doorways for you, gateways that will help you unlock your spiritual potential and lead you to work hand in hand with your unconscious.

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