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I wake the way kings wake, just the same.

We are all blessed with the same time, and the same experience of consciousness.

My eyes greet the piercing blue strokes of my alarm clock, banding together to form the number "5:30". Timothy Weah once said "With hard work and dedication, anything is possible", and this dedication is what drives me to better myself- as a Reiki healer- every day. I strongly believe that Reiki Healing Therapy, itself, is a lifestyle: a way of living with gratitude and in alignment with Universal Energy. Reiki is benign, loving energy that flows through our world and permeates through every being. Just as we do not see the air, we know it exists; even with sceptics, who may doubt that the art of Reiki is effective, Reiki endures and flows.

What Exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is Universal Energy and life force. According to Robert Peng in his text QiGong Master from My Life and Secret Teachings," The Egyptians called this energy Ka, the Indian rishis named it Prana, the Bible’s prophets referred to it as Ruah, the Greek philosophers knew it as Pneuma, the early Christians alluded to it as Spiritus, and the sages of China called it Qi. To provide Reiki therapy, the practitioner uses themselves as a channel, for Reiki to flow through and lets the Reiki energy do the healing as the energy flows to where it is needed.

I get my cup of hot water and walk into my small studio, my sacred space to set the tone of my day. Reiki Healing Therapy in Singapore or the rest of the world is about cleansing your life from the inside out. As my trusty Google Home, plays my Mantra Meditations, I begin my Reiki session with the Five Precepts of Reiki. Affirmations set the tone of the day and form the basis of Reiki Healing Sessions be it for the self or for clients in a Reiki therapy session.

So every morning, my day starts with the commitment that I make to myself

  • Just for today, I will not Worry. Kyo dake wa, Shinpai suna.

  • Just for today, I will not be Angry. Kyo dake wa Ikaru na.

  • Just for today, I will do my Work Honestly. Kyo dake wa, Gyo o hageme.

  • Just for today, I will give thanks for my many blessings. Kyo dake wa, Kansha shite.

  • Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing. Kyo dake wa, Hito ni shinsetsu ni

What I love about this commitment is that yesterday is gone and tomorrow does not exist, I do not need to bring perfection or lose heart and be disappointed at my human fallibilities. I need to focus on having this done "Just For Today". Reiki Healing is not an activity that just benefits the self. It has a domino effect of healing and love that overflows like a fountain into every aspect of our lives. Any spiritual practice grows and changes as we stay with it and in turn changes us. My practice and commitment make my Reiki therapy sessions effective.

Following my affirmations, I enjoy hearing the mantra "Om Mani Peme Hum", the Mantra of Compassion that I dedicate to the goddess Kuan Yin. Whilst the mantra plays in the background, I give Reiki to the Seven Chakras so that I can complete my session of Reiki Healing. Contact now for the services of Reiki Healing Singapore.

Once I complete the Reiki Healing Session, I hold up my hands folded in a position of prayer known as Gassho. Gassho is very powerful since prayer is a vocalization of gratitude to the universe and what better way to begin my day?  The Gassho is so powerful and we see variations of it as the greeting Namaste in India, and Sawasdee in Thailand, to name a few. Some days, in addition to gratitude, my Gassho is a hope verbalized to the Universe, requesting that I have its support to manifest my aspirations. Over the years, I have come to realize that Reiki works, since the Universe loves us, and our prayers are usually answered. We need to say our prayers and send them off. The Universe in its wisdom will answer some and for those that are left unanswered, there is a better plan for us. Since we don't have the benefit of foresight, we need to trust the Universe. We are one of the best Reiki Master Singapore.

I can hear the birds chirping and my day is about to get busy, packing up snack boxes and sending the children to school. I pack the snack visualizing the Cho Ku Rei and on some days the Dai Ki Myo on the boxes. Reiki Healing has the ability to permeate all aspects of our life. I use the Cho-Ku-Rei for protection on my children's uniforms and school bags and visualize symbols not only around the house but also on my electronic devices. We are providing the best services for Reiki Healing Singapore.

During the day I will see clients in my capacity as a practitioner providing Reiki Therapy. Having begun my day with a Reiki healing session, and setting out the intention of "just for today" to live in alignment with the greater good I can see people and work on bringing healing to them. During the day, I am but a channel and the Reiki energy flows through me, doing the healing work. The energy is the healer and the Master is but a channel-as it is in the case of every Reiki Therapy. While I see clients and feel my hands warm up as the energy flows, I am grateful for the opportunity to have these Reiki healing sessions. contact for Best Reiki Therapist in Singapore and submit your detail in above form. We at Urban soul Tarot providing the best services for Reiki Healing Singapore. We are one of the best Reiki Master Singapore.

My greatest joy in providing Reiki therapy is seeing people walk out more in control at the end of the Reiki healing sessions. Pain is a symptom, and there are many underlying causes, and Reiki Healing Sessions address both the physical and emotional and spiritual needs of an individual.

Providing Reiki Therapy means that it is essential to trust the universe, hold that commitment to one's self and clients and work on being the best one can be, keep that trust.

With the advent of the Pandemic, we have all been thrust into a world with relaxed restrictions and lockdowns. Whilst the virus has forced us into a world without travel, the lockdowns have created a space for us to truly go within and truly see our priorities. Having a Reiki Healing in Singapore practice of your own can bring about wholeness in every aspect of your life. As a Reiki Master, trained under four different Masters, the one thing I've learnt is that our spirituality cannot be something we keep in compartments, it has to be in tune with the rest of our life. We provide one of the sessions of best Reiki Healing in Singapore, submit your details above on the enquiry page to get connected with us. We at UST providing the best services for Reiki Healing Singapore. We are one of the best Reiki Master Singapore.

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