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5 Simple Self-Care Practices You Can Implement Now

We usually spend a lot of time taking care of those under our care and the ones we love. Social responsibilities, work and home monopolize our time. In a busy world, neglecting self-care has become a norm. However, we cannot keep giving of ourselves till we are depleted, and the consequences of this neglect can be truly serious. By adding self-care to our daily routine, we can strengthen our well-being and improve our health. We are also happier and more productive and have more to give to the people we care about. Statistics show that happy, successful people place a high value on self-care.

Following are a few Self-Care Strategies that can be worked into your day. They may feel like an indulgence at first, but if you stay on the path, you will realize that they enrich and strengthen you. In addition, they make you more productive and you can give more of yourself to the people you love.

Commit to Daily Self-Care

It is essential to set away some time on a daily basis for self-care. Just as we need to service our car, or clean the house and dust the windows, wash the dishes, do the laundry, file the reports….. Self-care is an ongoing process!! Every now and then, putting an occasional break in our lives, for self-care is not enough.

Self-Care is an Ongoing Process.

The time you set aside on a daily basis, can be just ten minutes for starters. You can build it up to thirty minutes a day. The Self-Care habits that you build can be things that you relish- a walk, an indulgent hot water bath, meditation, a small prayer ritual, yoga, or anything you enjoy. Things that you truly love, that fill your soul are what you need to do. In the same manner that you make appointments, reserve time in your busy schedule for self-care. Consider it an investment in yourself that will allow you to avoid burnout, increase your productivity, make healthier relationship choices, promote self-love and be the best version of yourself!!

Investing time in your hobby feeds your soul and is excellent Self-Care.

What is it that you enjoy the most? Does sketching make you happy, or is it reading or working on a journal? Do outdoor activities like hiking, or rock climbing make you happy? Is cooking your thing, or do you like painting sunsets? Hobbies are an easy path to self-care. It is easier to schedule time for what we genuinely enjoy. Scheduling time for developing our hobbies shows our commitment to our souls. Creating something new is what helps us unlock our inner divinity and that is an added bonus on this path of caring for the self.

Be a Gracious Receiver

We are a part of a culture that puts a lot of emphasis on giving and helping others. Receiving, however, is something that we learn very little about. How often have we turned down compliments with “oh!! It was nothing!” It is a good practice to remember the value you bring to your community. Accepting compliments gracefully is an art. Mentally file away compliments you receive. It is beneficial for self-love and as ammunition on those days when the inner critic wants to flood you with lies such as “you don’t know what you are doing..” Accepting compliments is that part of self-care which helps you defeat negativity.

De-Clutter as a part of your Self-Care

It is so essential that our environment has space to breathe. Having a clutter-free environment allows for a free flow of creativity and gives us the space to grow and think impeded. De-Cluttering doesn’t mean that one needs to be Marie Condo minimalist. It just means that we have what we need, and everything that is in your space is something that brings value to you practically or “sparks joy” emotionally. We hold on to things when we are filling a hole in our soul. Having clutter in one’s space can be physically and mentally draining. It shifts the balance from having things for our comfort to being a slave to our possessions. One can eliminate whatever does not serve one anymore.

Be Selfish!!

We are constantly told about the need to be selfless. However, one selfish act that fills us, is essential, once a day!! Be Selfish without being guilty. Say no! If you want to and are always the yes person. Keep your boundaries, and avoid people who bring toxicity into your life. Choose yourself. The world gives us as much importance as we afford ourselves. Stand up for yourself. I am not advocating turning into a selfish, pompous brat, but knowing where your boundaries lie and healthily maintaining them. This is especially essential if you take time to care for others most of the time. So today, read a book, say no to that favour and take time for yourself, and re-instate your own importance.

Practice Self-Care

In our busy lives where self-care is viewed as selfish and almost always takes a backseat to the demands of work, family and other obligations. We need to nurture ourselves better so that we do not suffer from depression, burnout, and breakdowns and are able to care for our people better.

So here’s to healthy Self-Care Practices starting today!! In the Tarot, the archetype of the Empress reminds you to take time out to care for yourself, so you can better care for those you love!!

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