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Past Life: 11 Signs We Have Lived Before.

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

"The souls must reenter the absolute substance whence they have emerged. But to accomplish this, they must develop all the perfections, the germ of which is planted in them; and if they have not fulfilled this condition during one life, they must commence another, a third, and so forth, until they have acquired the condition which fits them for reunion with God."
Jalalu 'D-Din Rumi, Sufi poet

We have lived infinite lives and will live many more. Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism, and many other esoteric cultures believe in this. To those with faith no proof is required but for the skeptics, there is more and more proof made available as every now and then some souls are born with clear memories of what has passed before. For the majority of us, however, the Universe in its infinite mercy does not load us with baggage from another life. Like The Fool in the Tarot, we enter life with just what we need to keep our spirit light and soul memories of how we feel about certain people.

So how then do we know we have lived before? Following are Signs that you have had a Past Life. Some of these, if not all may just resonate deeply with you!!

1. Memories of Another Life Could be from a Past Life

door way to a new life

“I recognized you instantly. All of our lives flashed through my mind in a split second. I felt a pull so strongly towards you that I almost couldn't stop it.”

J. Sterling, In Dreams

This Phenomenon of memories of another life is most often seen in children. The chatter of "When I was big, we used to...." or "I had another Mummy...." or "We were not always like this.." is something we have often heard from children. Some children, however, do have a perfect recall and there is a documented case of a young boy, leading his murderer from a prior life to justice. These memories from another life are quite often memories that we have lived before. If you like to test things, write down what the child tells you and every time the subject turns up probe deeper, albeit gently. do not lead and just take notes and the consistency from the child may just blow your mind!!

2. Unexplained Irrational Likes and Dislikes may be a sign that you have lived a Past Life

“Maybe love at first sight isn’t what we think it is. Maybe it’s recognizing a soul we loved in a past life and falling in love with them again.”

Kamand Kojouri

Some people have very strong likes and dislikes and cannot rationally explain how they feel about people in their lives. They may instantly dislike with vengeance someone who has been nothing but kind to them and may feel an overflow of love towards someone who is completely detached. This can be attributed to soul recognition and the individual's soul recognizes people from past lives and its experience when it crosses paths with them. This happens most to people who are living a life whose main aim is to balance past karma. If your date of birth reduces to a 10, which means that the month+day+year, added and reduced down to 2 digits ends up being 10 then the chances are you have strong likes and dislikes and are living a karmic life.

3. Experiencing Déjà vu or a Feeling that we have lived through feelings, situations, places or things before.

According to Arthur Funkhouser, a Psychologist of the C.G. Jung Institute déjà vu is a feeling that the scene unfolding in front of you has happened before and that this can be further characterized as

  • Déjà senti: or sentiment or feeling already lived through before. This could be triggered by music but also could be on hearing a voice embedded in the soul consciousness.

  • Déjà vécu: or an event that feels repetitive almost as though is has already been experienced or lived through before.

  • Déjà visité:or a place that feels like one is returning home, to a place from the past and has been there before.

It is interesting the this has been explained by scientists as possibly having a window, a subconscious one into an alternate reality. These could definitely be feeling moments that do hint at the fact that you have lived before.

4. Unreasonable and Irrational Fears or Phobias, which could almost be crippling also hint at Past Lives.

Yet another Sign of Past lives is Unreasonable fears. It could be an unreasonable fear of dogs. My daughter is very bright, and when she was almost two years old we were visiting an aquarium in Paragon, Bangkok. we walked through the displays and enjoyed seeing the fish. Then we reached an area that was all glass and a small shark swam towards us. She shrieked so loudly that a group of girls who were posing for a picture actually made a run for it. My little one was inconsolable and wanted to get out of the aquarium. This fear was irrational since, for a two-year-old, one fish should've been the same as the other. With her exposure to Disney Movies and light-hearted movies, she did not know how to identify a shark. It turns out that she has in a prior life, passed at sea, after an encounter with a Shark. Needless to say, took us a long time to enter the pool!! However, after confronting her fear, she has a great time at the pool.

5. Unexplained chronic pains that may suddenly start at a particular age with no explanation, could be a result of trauma from a Past Life.

I am all for seeking help if it is needed, and medical issues do need trained and expert medical advice. However, there are times when people cannot understand why they are in pain and there is no logical explanation. at times like this, it is possible that a manifestation from a prior life is causing issues in this and will only be solved once it has been addressed.

6. Identification with a culture other than the one you are born into is yet another sign of a Past Life.

There are times when a soul reincarnates with such a strong emotional connection to one of its previous lives, that there is a very urgent sense of identification with a culture that one may not be born into. There is an urgent longing to get to that place or country and it drives the person. This phenomenon is so rampant that the term for it is "Xenophile"

7. Having Inexplicable skills or Inexplicable knowledge is definitely a sign of Past Life.

Some of us are born with an affinity or a tendency to certain skills. Most of us are predisposed to sports, or art, or music, or writing, and so on. The list is inexhaustible. One of the reasons it is easy to access these is that the soul had an interest in these in prior lifetimes and naturally gravitates towards them. In fact, one of the Books by Dr. Brian Weiss, mentions a radiologist both gentle and brilliant, who in a prior life had worked on the atomic bomb. While his soul lived in horror on how the bomb caused damage, his interest and attraction for that kind of learning led him to apply it in a more productive form.

8. Recurring Dreams also hint at a Past Life.

Recurring Dreams often are a way for the unconscious to process memories that could've been carried over from a past life. They can be triggered by situations or may just have always been there so that the soul can consciously remember what it has lived through and bring over the wisdom of learning from that experience into waking or conscious life.

9. Having an aching longing for another place and time is a gift of a past life.

There are many individuals who are enthusiasts of a particular period in history. They like reading, studying, or collecting information and have this aching longing to reach out and step into that era, be it Ancient India, or Tudor England, Egypt, or some obscure part of history. This longing is a soul memory that can only be expressed in that nostalgia for another era.

10. Uncontrollable and Compulsive Habits are another indication of Past Life

Compulsive habits like the tendency to constantly jump in and save the day at the risk of one's own safety, or constantly falling into the pattern of a victim are also indications of having lived a Past Life. One of the reasons that souls return again and again to a physical form is to purify the self and to break patterns that tie one down or are self-defeating.

11. Birthmarks are yet another reminder of Past Lives

According to Brian Weiss in his books, a lot of people have birthmarks that tie into their past lives. If someone had died with an arrow through the neck there is a high chance that the birthmark on the neck may be linked to that life. For those who believe, there is no need for proof but for the skeptic, this may be far-fetched.

Every now and then we see individuals who can access their past lives. For the rest of us, advanced beings known as the Keepers of the Light, have made the records of our existence available and these records are known as the Akashic records. One needs to meditate and to tune into their higher self to access this. The Tarot is a valuable tool to access the higher self and to form a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious so that we may have the tools to unlock our intuition.


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