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Pet Reiki or Reiki for Animals

Updated: Jan 30

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Animals also have Chakras, similar to humans. Dogs have a total of 12 energy centers or chakras. It is as essential for them to have their chakras balanced as it is for us.

Crown Chakra. Similar to humans, animals have their crown chakra placed on the top of their heads. An overactive crown chakra will lead to the dog being hyper and barking a lot, an under-active crown chakra causes cause the dog to be very docile and feel like it doesn't fit in. Nose Chakra-For a dog, its sense of smell is paramount. The dog's brain that is dedicated to smell is approximately 40 times greater than the size of the human counterpart. The nose is a dog's medium to perceive the world. While humans have 5 million receptors, dog's noses contain 150 million olfactory receptors. 1/3rd of a dog's brain mass is dedicated to the identification of smells as opposed to the human brain which is only 5%. The importance of the nose chakra cannot be overstated. An underactive nose chakra makes your dog's nose, dry and crusty and of course handicaps him in his ability to take on smells. ​ Tail Chakra- This is essential to give you information about the dogs' mood. A robust tail chakra will keep the dog's emotionally balanced. ​ Ear Chakra - Dogs have an acute sense of hearing. Whilst we have a range of 64 -23,000 Hz, Dogs hear at a frequency of 67-45000Hz. It is essential that their ears are functional and the chakras are balanced. Dogs sense the onset of storms as they can pick up in the air pressure, the winds, frequencies we cannot hear and an overactive chakra may lead to having a very anxious dog. On the other hand, your pooch may need Reiki to boost the ear chakra, if it is recovering from an ear infection since for a dog the hearing is his connection to the world. ​ Third Eye or Brow Chakra - This is the Chakra of intuition. If this is underactive then your pooch is like a rudderless boat going with the flow. If it is overactive then it's a dogs world, where you are there to serve on his command!! ​ Throat Chakra - This is the communication center of the body and if it is underactive your dog may be too timid. If it is overactive, however, then you have a pooch that is an acquired taste, since it will have a desire to engage in verbal monotones, which in effect means needless barking. ​ Heart Chakra- A Heart Chakra is about our ability to love. An underactive heart chakra may give your four-legged friend trust issues and block his ability to love. Trust needs to be built. There couldn't really be an overactive heart chakra, since love flows and begets more love. ​ Solar Plexis Chakra- This is the Chakra that is linked with our own personal power. An imbalance of this Chakra can turn your dog into a domineering bully or a scary cat. ​ Sacral Chakra- Since the Sacral chakra is about security an under-active Sacral chakra may lead to your dog being far too needy passive and clingy. An overactive chakra and your pooch feels that he's the alpha dog!! This is where the dog keeps it's emotionally intense feeling and this chakra is its sweet spot to make it calmer. d Root Chakra - The Root Chakra determines our survival. In the case of your canine friend, having a robust and healthy root chakra will help your dog stay calm, grounded and balanced. An imbalanced root chakra leads to the dog being too territorial, timid, frightened, and worried about any kind of change. This also leads to behavioural issues and the dog may forego its toilet training. ​ Brachial Chakra- The Brachial chakra is located at the shoulders and it is the center of the bond between the animal and his human soulmate. The more love and time spent with each other the more robust this Chakra would be. ​ Paw or Bud Chakra- This chakra is the dog's mobility and freedom chakra.

Causes Of Imbalance of the Chakras.

Dogs are truly our soul mates. They are magnanimous, kind and completely unselfish. Blessed is a child who grows up in a home with a dog, they are more like guardian angels for the family. Modern life however is so fast that the canine companions are left alone often leading to depression. Stress, too many or too few people around the home may cause imbalances. The Work from Home has been a blessing for most pooches for they get to spend time with their people!!

Unfortunately, I am too much of a chicken to work with cats, so pet Reiki only covers Dogs!! To help deal with the imbalance and to pamper your pooch, you could Book A Pet Reiki Session.

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