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Soul Realignment

  • 7Days
  • 7Steps


A Soul Realignment Session would involve: 1. Your permission for me to access your Akashic Records-your name at birth and the place of your birth. 2. You will gain a deep understanding and appreciation of your soul's essence and journey. During this session, the focus will solely be on you, your soul's origins, its inherent gifts, spiritual growth, and a personalized clearing of any blocks or restrictions that may have arisen from past choices. The in-depth profile reading offered includes a variety of tools to help you transform your life and achieve balance and authenticity. These tools include a detailed Akashic Record Reading, an acknowledgement of your Divine Gifts and the origin of your soul, the identification of blockages that are hindering your self-fulfilment and truth, an exploration of any unhealthy traits or characteristics that you may have developed over many lifetimes, and an assessment of any negative thought patterns that you have been carrying with you. Additionally, the reading will delve into any Chakra or energy centre damage that may be affecting your well-being, providing an explanation for feelings of chronic exhaustion or drain that you may have been experiencing. Any karmic debts that you may carry with other souls will also be explored, and a detailed action plan will be provided to help you move forward towards a more fulfilling and authentic life.

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