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As we begin the New Year, I would like to- once again- Wish you a Peaceful & Happy New Year.

This year, I have had the opportunity to write an article for India's esteemed 'Wonderlust'. My new year's resolution for 2021 is to build a prominent Tarot Community within Singapore, a safe space for like-minded people to collaborate, share ideas, and build bonds. Whether this is your first time visiting my page or you are a more familiar reader, I hope that you are interested in my recent association with 'Wonderlust'.

Thank you.

I am a member of the World Divination Association. Following is a post by me featured at the World Divination Association.

DIY Your Own Chinese Fortune Divination Sticks 

Make your own Chinese Divination Sticks. Thee Sticks are a part of most Chinese Temples here in Singapore. They are an oracle that one can consult by one's self after meditating in the serene environment of the Temple.

My Posts on Wonderlust's E-Magazine.

January 2021 

2021 The Year Of  The Hierophant   

2021 is a Number 5 Year. A general forecast Featured in Wonderlust - A Business Travel Magazine. 2021 is a Year ruled by  Mercury, the Roman god , who was the Messenger of the Gods. 2021 will be a year when the Internet will fare well. It will be a year when we re-think our ideology, scrutinize our beliefs and really think about what will resonate with us. 

Dream Your Next Destination With the Tarot

Urban Soul Tarot-Dream Your Next Destination With the Tarot, on Wonderlust. The tarot can transport you to different locations.

Past Lives & What is My Purpose Now?

A lot of esoteric cultures believe in reincarnation. The date of birth thus is coded information on what the soul plans on accomplishing now in this lifetime. 

Travel to India: The Bhagavad Gita Encoded in the Wheel of Fortune

The Tarot contains the wisdom of the ages. It has so many esoteric threads from Indian Mysticism, Egyptian intelligence, Biblical Prudence. The Wheel of Fortune carries within the Philosophy of the Eastern concept of Karma and the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita.

Travel to Africa, Cuba & Nigeria with Temperance

Yemaya was a River goddess from Nigeria. In Brazil and Cuba, she is known as the goddess of the Ocean. She is sacred to the Yoruba people. The Card of Temperance shows us how to live with the wisdom of Yemaya.


February 2021

Houses & Your Numerological Guide to the one you call Home 

This post has also been featured on Smarttech World. The Russians called the home spirit Domovoi. Thai's especially construct a miniature house known as ‘Saan Phra Phum’ to house and honour the spirit of the home. Your home has a Soul.

The Year of the White Metal Ox. 12 February 2021- Happy Chinese Lunar Year 恭喜发财 Gōngxǐ fācái

This post has also been featured on Smarttech World. The Year of the White Metal Ox. 12 February 2021- Happy Chinese Lunar Year 恭喜发财 Gōngxǐ fācái. Animals were chosen in the great race. This post covers the legend of the Great Race.

Mantras, 108 Recitations & Why they Work

This post appears on Smarttech World. Mantras are words of power. They help to center our focus and bring about healing on multiple levels - emotional, spiritual and intellectual. The importance of the benefits of Mediation using Mantras has been studied when applied to physical health. Most Mantras are recited 108 times. This post covers the reason that 108 is a magical number, and offers background on some of the Mantras that one can choose to recite. 

March 2021

Atlantis The Lost Civilization & The Tower

This post appears on Wonderlust India. The civilization of Atlantis was technically advanced and boasted of feats, some of which were invented in the late eighteenth century. It has been conjectured that the land sank as a result of tsunamis and earthquakes. A few ancient texts and Plato, however, mention that the Atlanteans were experimenting with a weapon that uses crystals and that led to the destruction. It is said that the hubris or pride of man is what led to the downfall of Atlantis. The Tower is about living a life trapped by the ego, and being out of touch with reality.

Ardhnarishwara & The World

This post appears on Smarttech World As well. The Ardhnarishwara is the perfect amalgamation of male and female, merged into a perfect being and carrying within itself the entire universe where all polarities are covered, just as the world marks a total completion of a stage, and the euphoria that accompanies it.

Elpis or Hope & The Star in the Tarot

The World needs hope more than ever since, Pandor's box had been opened and like the sprites that wrecked havok on humanity, the Pandemic has been keeping people enslaved in differrent countries in its own manner.

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