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Seven of Cups

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Urban soul tarot 7 of cups

With the Seven of Cups, we enter the realm of imagination and the flights of fantasy. This is an excellent card to see if you are a writer or an artist working on a fantastical creation. For most of us, however, it is that phase of daydreaming. We see an androgynous figure lost in what he feels is most important. Seven cups float before him, offering him all the riches. He is dreaming about all that can be. The Seven of Cups turns up when there are an overwhelming amount of choices in the offering. The mind somehow snaps into fantasy mode, daydreaming about all the possibilities instead of acting upon them. This is literally the state of building castles in the air!! Nothing concrete gets done, more so since there is an emotional overload. This card could turn up when there are many offers in the queue for you. You have options, but the advice that goes with the card is to be mindful of what you choose since all that glitters is not gold. Please do read the fine print and check and recheck everything when you are to choose an option offered from one of the cups. On the other hand, if there are no offers, this card turns up to show that a person is evaluating his life and mentally making a check on what is offered by each cup and what he feels he wants most. Seeing this card is a sign that you need to take stock of your life and consider it for what it is. It would help to be truthful with yourself so that you can know what it is that you need and what is lacking in your life. At the same time, do think of what you have and evaluate if that gives you joy. Do you have a tendency to slip into your dream world to avoid any unpleasantness? Is it a form of escapism? If so, what would you like to leave behind? The Seven cups are all suspended in the clouds from the Ace of cups that become foggy here. This kind of soul searching occurs when a person is not truly happy with his relationship, or when a job is lesser than one thought it would be. It is soul-searching that leads to growth and this is a process. Once a choice is picked then it will need to be backed up with hard work. Here fantasies present one with all the trappings of a good life, and the seven cups starting from Left to Right offer, a public persona or a mask, your true self- that which you are trying to lift the veil off, rebirth and regeneration, home and personal security as shown by the castle, riches and victory. It is the time to start living your best life now, and you surely can have it within grasp if you choose one goal and work on it wholeheartedly. The visions you have can be manifested with hard work. You have the vision, now you need an action plan!! All the best!!

Meditations on the Seven of Cups

“We are our choices.”― Jean-Paul Sartre What kind of a persona do you wish to show to the world? Whom are you trying to please? What is your inner core? What do Riches mean to you? Is it money or something intangible? If it were money what you do and how would your life change more? What does success mean to you? Is it colored by what society dictates success? Where in your life are you looking for a rebirth or a newness? How do you utilize your powers of imagination? Is it to escape life or is it to fill your bucket and then create something beautiful. Is your imagination a bridge to the world or is it to escape? If it is a means to escape what are you trying to get away from? How have your choices made you, YOU! Do you feel any kind of regret for a path not taken?

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