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Online Tarot Card Reading in Singapore

Here we go. Chances are that you’ve probably seen these words in fine black print on your own computer screen, likely even this exact sentence. Hours of delving through the complex algorithms of the internet, typing in variations of ‘best tarot card reader in Singapore’- only to find that just about everyone is, in fact, the ‘best tarot card reader in Singapore’ can be frustrating to anyone.


Truth be told, it would take a matter of half a minute, and a few clicks of my keyboard, to barely paraphrase that I am the ‘best tarot card reader in Singapore’ too. But I, for one, tend not to do so, for one sole purpose. It can be easy to describe yourself as the best tarot card reader ever. Though, many (like myself) argue that claiming one person to be a better tarot card reader than another is absolutely inaccurate and never results positively. 


Many may be familiar with an expression famously quoted by Ralph Marston, “You were born to be real, not to be perfect”. Sitting behind your screen, you might be wondering, “What on earth is a Ralph Marston quote doing in a tarot post?” Well, we’ll get back to that later.

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Starting a business in the midst of a global pandemic undoubtedly helped me make the most of this difficult situation which was COVID. I believe that one thing tarot readers mutually love about reading is developing connections with their clients. As a result of the pandemic, online tarot reading is receiving more and more attention from tarot readers around the world. Quintessentially, online tarot reading involves a tarot reading with the communication of the reader and the client with nothing between them but a screen.


As a complete and utter technophile, I've learnt to navigate myself through varying platforms, which comes in handy given the fact that I have been reading remotely for over half of my life. The comfort of my client is important to me and small things (such as using internet platforms that they are familiar with) host a better tarot reading Singapore online experience.


In my younger days, I was familiar with a remote tarot reading. Whether receiving a message from a colleague or hearing frantic calls for help on my trusty Nokia (which truly did connect people, as the tagline went!), my cards were ready and in their formation. To this day, it amazes me just how far modern technology has evolved; with one click of a button on my now, thankfully, upgraded cellphone, I am able to connect and even see people around the globe now.

For the sceptics among you who are wondering, "Does it work?" Rest assured. Algorithms work in complex and unique ways, but if one believes in synchronicity, an online tarot reading can (and generally will) be completely successful.


Urban Soul Tarot and how I read online? A Tarot reading Singapore online with Urban Soul Tarot would mean walking into my Studio virtually. The advantages of this are that in the midst of a Pandemic we have the technology to link us together over restrictions, regulations and geographic distances. I invite you to sit across the table from me while being in the comfort of your own space, and we can connect psychically to interpret the wisdom that the universe needs you to find within yourself.


An Online Tarot Reading is effective, saves commuting time, and in no way diminishes the potency of a reading. Meditating before each reading, I set up my reading table with a series of rituals exactly as though you were walking in physically for a reading. I call upon the Universe and use the traditional Golden Dawn Invocations before we see each other, which helps me to tune into your psychic field and we share a space where I may be, the best service to you. 

Tarot Online Readings, have brought many wonderful people into my life. I work with strong people, who may be at a crossroads in their life. I work with people who have substance and may be going through a low when we meet. Time and Time again, I have met clients through Tarot Online Reading, who return shining their inner light and that transformation from the first to the second reading makes my day. We at Urban Soul Tarot provide the finest Tarot Card reading in Singapore. 


Did you know that at the end of a Reiki Attunement the Master and Student always wash their hands to cut the cords that bind them? So how about a Tarot Online Reading? Does it finish when the reading is concluded? Yes, but any alternate discipline is first and foremost the sharing of a space of love. So when our reading is concluded, it is completed and I send out love and prayers to the Universe that my clients may find wholeness and happiness. Wholeness is not the absence of nicks, cuts, and being broken every now and then, it is more about embracing the whole, learning and building out more beautifully. Now no need to find more "Tarot Card reading Singapore", we at Urban Soul Tarot are the best option for you.


So the scepticism, with which people may view readings, in my humble opinion is a matter of choice. A Tarot reading Singapore online is just as effective as an in-person reading, with the right Tarot Card Reader. Maybe you have now a question about what Tarot Card Reading Singapore's price is, well it is not about the price, it is about the service that we offer to our online or offline visitors. 


I would like to end here with good old Ralph Marston. Yes, finally. Marston says “You were born to be real, not to be perfect,” and I wholeheartedly agree. No one is perfect, love yourself as you are and train hard to become the best that you can be. In my instance, being the best I can be isn’t simply limited to what some believe is the ‘best tarot card reader in Singapore’, but the best that I can be for you. I strive to improve myself on a daily basis to, one day, make an impact in your life. I end with a challenge for you (yes, you! Behind the screen!). What is the best that you can be today?


To get Tarot Card Reading, Singapore price, just submit your details to get a call back.

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